Cloud Infra Cafe 2.0

Cloud Infra Cafe 2.0 – Cost Reduction for IT infrastructure

On the 16th of April, we had e great time on StorPool’s second edition of the Cloud Infra Cafe. The online meetup gathered more than 30 people in а casual and productive talk about cost reduction and optimizing the storage without affecting the performance. We were pleased to e-meet some really great storage specialists and analysts who shared their expertise and opinion on the matter.

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About Cloud Infra Cafe 2.0 – Cost Reduction for IT infrastructure

These uncertain times are making us question how to gain better resilience to the economical situation.

  • Can we arm our business with defense mechanisms to resist the arising new threats?
  • Can we decrease the costs for infrastructure and optimize it at the same time?
  • But which costs can be actually cut? And when cutting costs may result in lower quality or complications?
  • Can we use innovation as a driver for cost reduction?
  • What will win – risk reduction or cost reduction? Can we do both?

In our online meetup “Cloud Infra Cafe 2.0 – Cost Reduction for IT infrastructure” we found the answers to these questions. The specialized edition was focused entirely on the economic part of the problem and engaged us to discuss strategies for rationalizing costs.

On the e-meetup, we had three speakers, experts in different parts of the infrastructure’s management, development, administration, etc. The specialists kept the audience intrigued for almost an hour and gave different points of view on how to cut costs reasonably and how to improve the efficiency of the IT stack.

Speakers on the Cloud Infra Cafe 2.0 were:

Check out their presentations and learn more about how to build effective and affordable storage.

The open debate was joined by many CTOs, IT managers, tech specialists, storage analysts, system administrators, and other IT experts. We were delighted that many people voiced their opinion and shared their thoughts during the event.

Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0

There’s still a lot we can talk about. That is why we want to invite you to our next online meetup!

Join the next “Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 – Which use-cases and XaaS services are growing?” and let’s discuss together the SaaS, IaaS, PaaS trends.

Don’t miss the action: Reserve your place now for Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0! on May 14th, 2020!

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