StorPool Storage Features

What makes StorPool unbeatable
storage for your cloud

StorPool provides an unmatched level of reliability and high availability for your private and public cloud storage. This is due to its fully distributed shared-nothing architecture and remarkable design. StorPool uses the most advanced replication and end-to-end data-integrity mechanisms on the market. It stores copies of the data on different physical servers and protects your storage from drive, server, or other hardware components failure.

Performance Features

With StorPool you benefit from a block storage platform with exceptional performance. Get the best out of your storage infrastructure, and minimize the latency of your storage clusters. You can scale out your new cloud architecture independently by IOPS, storage space, and bandwidth and start utilizing the infrastructure in a better and more efficient way.

StorPool comes as a fully managed storage solution, which makes it easy to implement and use. It provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) for the administration of the data storage solution that makes configuration and provisioning easy. In addition, you can use StorPool’s API for storage management and monitoring. However, all installations, configurations, and updates can be performed by StorPool’s team of skillful administrators to make it easy for you.

Efficiency, Space Saving & Cost Savings

The shared storage system reduces the initial cost of deployment and has built-in thin provisioning for better hardware utilization. In addition, StorPool runs on standard hardware, which decreases its TCO.
You’ll benefit from the greater efficiency of your infrastructure, and will stop worrying about unutilized storage capacity. The unique mechanism of data storage enables you to use your data storage platform efficiently without the risk of losing data.

With StorPool you’ll get a fully managed enterprise storage solution with built-in tools for simplified integration and deployment. The powerful software-defined storage is packed with 24/7 qualified technical support. You won’t need a whole team of storage experts in-house. Our qualified team will assist you with every step of the process and every question you might have.