Persistent storage for Kubernetes

The Rise of Persistent Storage for Kubernetes within Enterprises

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Kubernetes adoption is rapidly growing among enterprises and global cloud builders. The push for digital transformation to modernize businesses for a cloud-native world has lifted both containerized applications and the Kubernetes container orchestration platform to an unprecedented level. The application landscape, especially the enterprise, is looking at Kubernetes to address several key areas: Scalability High performance Availability and Resiliency Security …

CloudStack SDS IaaS

Building a Large-Scale IaaS with CloudStack and StorPool Software-Defined Storage

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According to the current analysis of Reports and Data, the IaaS market was valued at USD 75.0 Billion and is expected to reach USD 238.87 Billion by the year 2026, at a CAGR of 18%. The factors driving the IaaS market are a growing need for reducing physical infrastructure and save IT cost, technological advancements in Edge computing, and the …

How to prevent silent data corruption

How to prevent silent data corruption

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Silent Data Corruption is a type of error caused by bugs in disk firmware, drivers, memory, networks, or different types of drive crashes. They can be described as faults that develop in the background, without any notification to the users of a system. The silent errors are one of the most dangerous for your data durability and reliability, as there …

StorPool and ITGix Partnership

StorPool and ITGix partner to deliver high-performance deployments with OpenStack and Kubernetes

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StorPool and ITGix step into a partnership to deliver high-performance, scalable, and reliable on-premise deployments with OpenStack and Kubernetes. Both companies together will focus on building private clouds for mission-critical containerized applications, providing end-to-end fully managed service for their customers.  With over half of the containers being currently stateful according to Voice of the Enterprise – DevOps, Security, AI/ML, and …

Kubernetes Storage Trends

Kubernetes Storage and Container Trends to Watch in 2020

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In the past few years, Kubernetes (aka k8s) has emerged as the industry standard for managing containers at a scale. K8s has changed the way in which companies build, ship and run applications. Now, it has become the pinnacle for modern infrastructure and New IT. In this article, we will analyze the containers market, the need for persistent storage for …

Nested Virtualization

Nested virtualization and PCI passthrough with KVM and OpenNebula

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In this blog post, we’ll show how we use nested virtualization and PCI passthrough with KVM hypervisors and OpenNebula. Most of the examples here are generic for these technologies and can be applied for any type of hypervisors or cloud orchestration, but there are also given some OpenNebula and KVM specific advice. Nested virtualization is a technique to run virtual …

OpenNebula Conf 2019

StorPool Supporting the OpenNebula Community at OpenNebula Conf 2019

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On 21st and 22nd of October, we had the pleasure of attending the most significant OpenNebula event of the year: the annual OpenNebula Conf 2019. StorPool’s team was excited to meet the community, participate in the sessions, and learn what is new with OpenNebula, what new features are released and what is the future roadmap. We had a talk of …

CloudStack European User Group & Ceph day

CloudStack User Day London – CloudStack Cloud Builders Get Together

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StorPool Storage’s team had the pleasure to attend one of the most exciting CloudStack events of the year – the CloudStack User day 2019 on 24 of October in London. We were able to meet our friends in the CloudStack community, watch some amazing sessions and lead two talks of our own. The CloudStack European User Group & Ceph day …

Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai StorPool

Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai Roundup

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During the first week of November 2019, StorPool’s team had the opportunity to exhibit on the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai. The summit, which happened in China, was one of the largest conferences for opensource technologies and infrastructure in Asia. More than 300 sessions and workshops on Container Infrastructure, CI/CD, Telecom + NFV, Public Cloud, Private & Hybrid Cloud, Security …


Choosing the right SSDs for your cloud: Datacenter SSDs vs. Consumer SSDs

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Datacenter SSDs are not just higher performance and more expensive versions of desktop-grade devices. They have unique features that are critical for storage systems.  There are a number of companies who use consumer-grade SSDs for powering their business. Usually, the story goes along the lines of “consumer SSDs are just as good as Datacenter SSDs, and they are cheaper” or …