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StorPool is redefining data storage with revolutionary technology built to optimize your entire data center.

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Accelerate mission critical applications, experience an always-on reliable storage system, be in control of your costs with the ultra-fast and effortless block storage platform and services from StorPool. StorPool’s core storage platform delivers the highest standard in reliability, availability, scalability, and includes industry leading maintenance and support services from our team of dedicated experts. Leveraging powerful analytics and monitoring solutions with up-to-the second detail, instant snapshots orchestrated by backup tools ensures your data is always-on and always protected.

StorPool Block Data Storage Platform

Ultra-Fast & Effortless - The Future of Data Storage Is Here

Our next-generation software-defined storage solution is redefining the approach to data storage. The software converts industry-standard servers with direct-attached storage devices (NVMe, SSD, HDD) into pools of shared block storage. The Platform uses a parallel multi-controller, shared-nothing architecture with all functions performed by all servers on an equal peer basis.

StorPool Storage provides ultra-fast block storage and proven “five-9s” availability with the scalability and flexibility that can only come with a software-defined model. StorPool’s unique architecture eliminates the trade-offs in capacity and performance efficiency of previous generations of software-defined storage, providing an ultra-fast yet ultra-flexible storage platform that can support all of your application performance and data protection requirements with a single solution.


Ultra-Fast Block Storage

Accelerate your applications up to 10 times faster than with traditional storage. With latencies under 0.1 ms and millions of IOPS available (over 113M), your critical transactional databases will never be left waiting on data. And with up to 950 GB/s throughput, you can also support big data, video, AI, and other demanding workloads all from the same StorPool cluster.

Fully Managed

StorPool takes the uncertainty out of storage management with Fully Managed service – Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) under bring your own server terms. StorPool experts work with your team to design a system specific to your needs. StorPool deploys the system, monitors the behavior, fine-tunes the performance, and provides continuous maintenance including patches, updates, even helping with hardware refreshes or management platform integrations. Freeing your team to focus on your business.

Fully managed
StorPool-Simple and Flexible

Agile Platform

With the performance to support critical transactional applications and the cost profile catering to less demanding applications, the StorPool Storage platform can meet all of your current data storage requirements. Scaling your storage with additional storage drives or servers allows you to meet changing needs. And StorPool’s long list of integration partners means you’re covered even if you change your management stack or server supplier.

Unlock Operational Efficiencies

StorPool storage was designed from the ground-up to provide always-on data storage for cloud environments. This means an API-first management approach for automation, self-service and dynamic provisioning. It means no downtime for patches, upgrades, or even for server refreshes. Swap in a new generation of servers with the data service continuing to provide extreme performance and reliability – avoiding all the pain of a storage refresh cycle.

System requirements
Reliability High Availability

Unmatched Reliability

Designed for the always-on distributed computing world, the parallel multi-controller, shared-nothing system with no Single Points of Failure (SPoF) provides a measured 99.999% uptime to customers. From instant crash-consistent snapshots to three synchronous copies to a unique erasure coding implementation, StorPool has the architecture, the support system, and the features to provide you with unmatched reliability.

Unseen Total Cost of Ownership

When storage performance doesn’t slow you down, applications run faster on fewer server cores. This saves money in software licenses, power and cooling, and hardware acquisition. Combine these savings with StorPool’s all-inclusive, no-surprise, pay-per-use pricing and StorPool customers find a TCO like they hadn’t seen before.

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How It Works

StorPool pools the capacity and performance of industry-standard Linux servers to create a cluster of shared block storage in a distributed, shared-nothing architecture. Data is stored on server-attached hard disks, SSDs, or NVMe flash devices. StorPool clusters connect via standard ethernet, removing any requirements for SAN switches or HBAs.

StorPool software consists of a server and a client running on each node. Each host can be a storage server, a storage client, or both. Connections from hosts and virtual machines is via the high-performance StorPool Block protocol, NVMe/TCP or iSCSI. StorPool also supports a highly available NFS service for specific use cases.

StorPool Fully Managed Services

World-Class Managed Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs

StorPool provides a fully managed solution that operates seamlessly on your hardware within your datacenter, co-lo facility or bare-metal cloud – delivering Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS). With StorPool, you not only receive the exceptional StorPool Storage software platform, we also provide software licenses, exceptional pre and post purchase support, software maintenance for updates and new versions, configuration planning, performance tuning, and even help with data migration. There are no Professional Services engagements required to get started, no unexpected fees for updates or new versions. Talk to real storage experts when you have a problem or if you just need advice on solving an end-user issue. Plus, you benefit from the proactive installation of patches and updates by our experts. Trust in the expertise of StorPool as we remotely install and oversee updates, ensuring your storage environment operates seamlessly at all times.

Expert Design & Implementation

Our seasoned experts prepare custom high level architecture and guidance on hardware selection to fit your unique needs.

The StorPool team handles every aspect of installation from hardware functional tests to stress-testing and performance tuning.

Reliable Software Support

24×7 round-the-clock monitoring by technical experts, not call-centers, providing you with real-time insights and peace of mind.

Our support approach is rooted in analytics-driven proactive problem resolution, ensuring that issues are identified and resolved before they impact your operations.

Software Maintenance

Stay up-to-date effortlessly with our software maintenance services, including upgrades, patches and new versions.

Non-disruptive updates installed by StorPool experts on your schedule to minimize disruptions and ensure seamless operations.

Experience Our Full Service Offerings

Our dedicated team of experts take the load off your team and deliver an always-on, scalable storage system that works and delivers the performance your business needs. Your team will enjoy peace of mind as they can refocus their efforts toward the real business at-hand.


We help you select the ideal architecture for your cloud at the physical, network, and logical levels, using only commodity hardware.


We install StorPool Storage in your servers and connect your storage system to one or more Cloud Management Platforms.


We analyze and tune your StorPool Storage systems so that they run optimally and reliably for your end-customer workloads


We monitor thousands of metrics per second to proactively deal with potential issues before they impact end-customer workloads.


We ensure that your storage system always runs optimally by installing non-disruptive updates and adding servers when needed.

“We are very happy with StorPool. The performance is impressive and the expansion is as simple as adding an additional node. Furthermore, all this is offered with a professional support team that also advises you during the entire selection process from hardware to private cloud software solutions.”

ÜMIT ÖZTOSUN, Co-Founder/ System Administrator, Dia Software Inc.

StorPool Monitoring

Up–to-the-Second Expert Monitoring

StorPool Monitoring provides a powerful gateway for monitoring the dynamic state of your data storage infrastructure. Gain invaluable insights by tracking critical alerts about the state of the storage system enabling the ability to swiftly address issues. Eliminate the struggle with adapting third-party tools to attempt to monitor storage clusters. Observe and work along-side while the StorPool experts diagnose issues and proactively act on the predefined alarms to resolve potential issues and seamlessly optimize the data storage.

analytics and monitoring

A Holistic Solution to Health Monitoring

  • Receive cluster status alerts based on real-time data from the StorPool API
  • Gain per-host alerts based on data from host-specific data enabling pinpoint accuracy in addressing issues and optimizing performance
  • Metrics-based alerts based on data from the hosts allow for proactive management and fine-tuning of the storage infrastructure

Keep Your Data Center Running at Peak Efficiency

  • Export data effortlessly for use in external dashboards, alerts, or reports knowing that critical information is readily available
  • Review historical data to identify trends, track performance changes over time, and make informed decisions
  • Stay in control with the ability to track changes providing transparency and accountability
  • Access predefined StorPool Analytics dashboards unlocking deep insights into your storage system’s performance and stability


“StorPool offers a complete solution with exceptional performance and support. Anytime you need them, they are ready to help. StorPool is also doing constant monitoring on the storage and hosts and takes care of the health and uptime of our system. In this way they save us time and we can focus on our core activities. We are very happy with StorPool storage!”

Vasil Shivachev, Head of Technology, A Data Pro.

StorPool Analytics

A New Era of Confident, Data-driven Monitoring

StorPool Analytics provides a robust time-series monitoring and history of the storage system servers, components, and services. The StorPool Analytics platform provides deep insights into storage system and application performance providing the capability for proactive management and support. StorPool storage experts pre-configure the analytics platform to enable key performance indicator analysis for the StorPool Storage platform, saving users time from trying to adapt third-party monitoring tools. With StorPool Analytics, you’ll have at your disposal the very same tools our operations experts rely on, streamlining communication, accelerating issue resolution, and ultimately enhancing the end-user experience.

StorPool Analytics Pinpoints Issue Analysis

  • Zoom in on specific time periods to gain insight into component events in order to identify and address issues swiftly and effectively
  • Track the correlation of different components and services to gain insight into how they impact each other and a comprehensive view of your storage environment
  • Leverage insight from previous issues to proactively address issues in components and services minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations

Plan For Future Needs with Confidence

  • Identify trends with higher load or increase in the number of clients
  • Track performance vs capacity trends
  • Analyze trends with CPU usage, memory allocation, network traffic, and more, ensuring your storage infrastructure remains resilient and optimized

System requirements

StorPool VolumeCare

Take the Complexity out of Snapshots with VolumeCare

VolumeCare supports backup and disaster-recovery use cases by creating and managing atomic, crash-consistent snapshots of volumes backing the virtual disks of virtual machines based on predefined retention policies. VolumeCare leverages the space-efficient, instant differential snapshots of StorPool Storage that don’t impact performance and use only actually changed storage capacity. Avoid snapshot scheduling and management complexity with VolumeCare managing the backup schedules for volumes and virtual machines.

Backup and recovery

Effortless Snapshot Management

  • Easily initiate and manage snapshots of volumes and virtual machines, streamlining your data protection strategy
  • Create and manage retention policies for snapshots, ensuring your data is preserved exactly as needed
  • Schedule snapshot shipping and retention across multiple sites, facilitating data replication and ensuring data availability

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

  • Store snapshots locally on the primary cluster, backup clusters, or remote clusters providing versatile recovery options
  • VolumeCare can automatically store snapshots off-site, safeguarding your data in the case of disaster recovery

Advanced volume management

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