Software-defined storage - StorPool

The best software-defined storage solution for public or private clouds

Boost performance and remove I/O bottlenecks. Reduce TCO. Unleash scalability.

StorPool is high-performance storage software. It allows customers to build data storage out of standard servers (“software-defined storage”). StorPool runs on compute servers, besides applications (server SAN / converged / hyper-converged set-ups) and delivers fast, scalable and cost-efficient block storage. It has advanced fully-distributed architecture and is arguably the fastest and most efficient block-storage software on the market today.

StorPool replaces traditional storage arrays, all-flash arrays or other inferior storage software (SDS 1.0 solutions). StorPool is superior to traditional or all-flash storage arrays in both technical and business terms – reliability, scalability, performance, agility and cost. Compared to other storage software solutions, StorPool has unmatched performance, exceptional efficiency, flexibility and simplicity.

Typical users of StorPool are builders of Public and Private Clouds – hosting, CSP, MSP, xaaS and other companies. StorPool is a preferred choice for storing block-level data or providing shared storage capabilities. Besides, it can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) several times.

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StorPool software defined storage