StorPool - Distributed storage. Software-defined.

Build storage from standard servers

and standard HDDs / SSDs

Start small

Grow big

Storage and compute…

…on the same servers

The best Storage solution for building Public and Private clouds.

Reduce TCO. Reduce complexity. Unlock profits.

StorPool is storage software. It runs on standard hardware – servers, drives, network – and turns them into high-performance storage system. StorPool replaces traditional storage arrays, all-flash arrays or other inferior storage software (SDS 1.0 solutions).

StorPool is far superior to traditional storage arrays in both technical and business terms – reliability, scalability, performance, flexibility, efficiency, cost. Compared to other storage software solutions StorPool has very high performance, exceptional efficiency, scalability and simplicity.

Typical users of StorPool are builders of Public and Private Clouds. StorPool is a preferred choice for storing block-level data or providing shared storage capabilities. Besides, it can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) several times.

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