Highly Available Shared Hosting
powered by StorPool
software-defined storage

Reduce the headache and increase the margins of your shared hosting
business. Build more a reliable and faster shared
hosting service, which your customers will love!

“Highly Available Shared Hosting” (HASH) is a simple, yet powerful new concept which helps companies to build amazing and cost-effective shared hosting service!

In the Highly Available Shared Hosting architecture the traditional bare metal (physical) shared hosting servers are converted to virtual machines, running on highly available VM infrastructure. The VM infrastructure is designed for high performance and high efficiency in mind. It can handle hardware failures (failed server, failed drives) without any downtime.
The end result is better performance and higher availability of the shared hosting service and lower total cost.

HASH is easily implemented at new environments or at hardware refresh cycles of an existing shared hosting business. In both cases the HASH design provides both better service and cost optimization. When traditional shared hosting is upgraded to Highly Available Shared Hosting, total cost per user decreases.

Why should you switch from traditional hosting to Highly Available Shared Hosting?

Providing a shared hosting service with the best possible uptime and performance is challenging. Backups and security are also a challenge, especially if you manage a large and complex infrastructure.
Switching to Highly Available Shared Hosting gives you two main benefits – better service quality and overall cost optimization. You will decrease the total amount of servers used (CAPEX) and overall cost and complexity of your infrastructure. After the hardware refresh cycle and implementation of HASH, your total cost per user will be lower. You will be then able to deliver high availability and all-SSD performance, thus keeping and growing your loyal customer based!

Highly Available Shared Hosting Architecture

At the core of Highly Available Shared Hosting is a cloud-like set-up: virtualized physical servers and shared storage, built with SDS (software-defined storage). The highly available, scale-out architecture and automation of the new solution decrease support and maintenance effort and costs.
The software stack within virtual machines is identical to the one used in traditional shared hosting, in order to allow ease of migration and management.
The new HASH setup is built with a high level of redundancy (2 switches, N+1 hypervisors, 3 copies of data) to ensure 100% availability of the hosting service.

The Benefits Of Using Highly Available Shared Hosting

Business Benefits

  • Competitive advantage: Improve service performance and service availability. Increase referrals. Decrease churn.
  • Less salary expenses/wasted time: StorPool will manage the storage system for you. Your tech team will manage 6 times less servers. Enjoy a self-healing system. Perform system maintenance of physical servers without maintenance windows, downtime or restarts.
  • Reduced costs: The new architecture provides a quantum leap in service quality at lower overall cost. After investing in HASH, your cost per user will go down, allowing you to keep more profit and/or invest in your hosting business growth and development!

Technical Benefits

  • High-availability of the infrastructure – eliminate hardware related downtime
  • No more downtime during standard maintenance or hardware upgrades and refresh cycles
  • Much better performance – eliminate performance related customer complains
  • No vendor lock-in and commodity hardware usage
  • No bandwidth shortage in peak periods
  • Increase hardware utilization – both storage and compute wise
  • Have a simple and fluid system to manage and grow
Highly Available Shared Hosting – White Paper

Want to learn more about the technical benefits of the Highly Available Shared Hosting? Download our White Paper!

Comparison between the different shared hosting storage options

Local Storage
shared storage
High Availability
Yes, but at high cost
No Vendor Lock-in
Cost per USER

A Story of Success – Kualo’s Shared Hosting powered by StorPool’s Highly Available Shared Hosting solution!

Kualo is UK-based web hosting company, providing shared hosting and VPS solutions for customers of all sizes – from very small customers to large enterprises. In the beginning Kualo chose StorPool to power the storage infrastructure for their virtual servers and cloud servers. Recently Kualo turned to StorPool to power also their shared hosting infrastructure.
Jo Stonehouse, Managing Director of Kualo, shared how StorPool helped Kualo to build a shared hosting without downtime and approach more enterprise customers.

Case Study: High performance and reliability, with a cost effective and scalable pricing model