The Lowest Total Cost for Your Cloud

Pricing a Software-Defined Storage Solution

Storage is becoming increasingly complex: new use cases, deployment scenarios and sophisticated software features emerge. It is no longer possible to compare storage systems pricing on “$ per GB” basis alone. Customers need to compare storage solutions as part of a complete IT infrastructure solutions, on a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) basis.

StorPool is designed to provide high-performance shared storage. It delivers hundreds of thousands of IOPS and GBit/s of throughput on standard servers. StorPool is an alternative to single-purpose SAN and all-flash (all-SSD) storage arrays. We also replace inferior storage software. In both cases we match or exceed alternatives in performance and feature set while offering high availability and high Return On Investment (ROI).

The overall price of any shared storage system depends upon the use case/business need. Our solutions are designed around meeting specific levels of performance, capacity, features and other capabilities. If you would like to explore how a particular system will look like with StorPool, then simply reach out to us to get a tailored system and a solution quote.