The Lowest Total Cost for Your Cloud

Pricing a Software-Defined Storage Solution

Storage is becoming increasingly complex: new use cases, deployment scenarios and sophisticated software features emerge. It is no longer possible to compare storage systems pricing on “$ per GB” basis alone. Customers need to compare storage solutions as part of a complete IT infrastructure solutions, on a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) basis.

StorPool is designed to provide high-performance shared storage. It delivers hundreds of thousands of IOPS and GBit/s of throughput on standard servers. StorPool is an alternative to single-purpose SAN and all-flash (all-SSD) storage arrays. We also replace inferior storage software. In both cases we match or exceed alternatives in performance and feature set while offering high availability and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The overall price of any shared storage system depends upon the use case/business need. The system is designed around meeting specific levels of performance, capacity, features and other capabilities. If you would like to explore how a particular system will look like with StorPool, then simply reach out to us to get a tailored system and solution quote.