Storage for a Blazingly Fast and
Reliable Public Cloud

With StorPool Storage all public cloud providers get
cost-efficient all flash performance! Our systems start
from 500 000+ IOPS and 0.2 ms of latency!


SSD Public Cloud unlike any other

High speed is one of the main concerns when building a cloud. Speed immediately results into better service, less support time and effort, more word of mouth growth and, of course, happy customers. In addition low latency is a key element, since the lower the latency the more CPU & RAM are spared, which increases the overall hardware utilization of the entire cloud.
StorPool is designed form the ground up to provide public cloud builders with the fastest and most resource efficient software-defined storage on the market. It eliminates the need to use an expensive SAN or AFA (All Flash Array). StorPool is a shared storage system which can reduce total costs by up to 5 times and enable you to build fast and reliable services!

The benefits of building a Public Cloud with StorPool software-defined storage

By using StorPool’s distributed, software-defined storage for you Public Cloud you can overcome the traditional pain points in the cloud industry. Your cloud will be unmatched in speed and highly available, with no single point of failure. This will help you to easily meet the enterprise-grade criteria of your customers.

With the SDS technology you avoid vendor lock-in and use a scale-out system, which grows with your needs. All public cloud builders using it are able to increase their business agility and flexibility. One of the biggest advantage is the decreased TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) which helps you to sell your cloud services at a competitive price!

Legacy Cloud Architecture

Software-Defined Cloud/VPS

The competitive advantages you will gain when building a software-defined public cloud or VPS service

The public cloud market is an extremely competitive business. As a cloud hosting provider you need to compete not only with local competitors, but also with global players like AWS and Azure. Building a cloud with a software-defined distributed storage solution helps you to achieve high efficiency and quality and ensures your competitive advantage.

  • Scale-out System

    With StorPool your storage will scale independently by IOPS, storage capacity and bandwidth. It can grow online, without interruption and in small steps – one drive, one server and one network interface at a time.

  • High Performance

    Your StorPool storage will combine the IOPS performance of all drives in the cluster and optimize drive access patterns to provide low latency and to handle storage usage bursts. The load is distributed equally between all servers.

  • High Availability and Reliability

    StorPool uses a replication mechanism that stores copies of the data on different physical servers. This protects you against drive, server, or other hardware component failure. In case of a failure we use another copy of the data located on another server and none of your data is lost or even temporarily unavailable.

  • Commodity Hardware usage

    StorPool supports drives and servers in a vendor-agnostic manner, allowing you to avoid vendor lock-in. This allows the use of commodity hardware, while preserving reliability and performance requirements. You can mix drives and servers of various types, make, speed or size in a StorPool cluster.

  • Safest storage system for your data

    StorPool has the most extensive end-to-end data integrity feature on the market. We calculate a checksum right at the client and we store it with the data. This is better protection compared to systems which don’t have a data integrity mechanism (e.g. storage RAID).

  • No single points of failure

    StorPool is highly available due to its distributed architecture and no single points of failure. Every component is redundant. We ensure highest amount of uptime possible by providing triple replication, so that you are sure your service is up and running all the time.

  • High Efficiency

    The StorPool system is designed to deliver extremely resource efficient storage for your cloud. It saves on compute, networking and storage in order to deliver the best price/performance ratio on a total solution cost basis.

  • Fully managed, With Outstanding Support

    StorPool is a fully managed solution – we manage the storage system, so that you can focus on your core business. Also, StorPool comes with reliable dedicated support: remote installation and initial configuration by StorPool’s specialists; 24×7 enterprise-grade support with SLA; software updates, proactive monitoring. We are always there for you.


At StorPool we know that each cloud or hosting provider has its own needs and requirements. For this reason we support the most common cloud orchestration platforms in the domain.
StorPool storage is integrated with the most used cloud management platforms – OpenStack, CloudStack, OnApp and OpenNebula. Besides them we are also compatible with almost all technologies in the Linux stack. StorPool also has integrations/support for Xen, XenServer, КVM, Docker, LXC, libvirt, Proxmox, to name the more common ones.
Customers leveraging StorPool storage with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization enjoy the benefits of blazing fast, scale-out and highly available cloud infrastructure. This is achieved through the iSCSI protocol, connecting the storage system to the VMware & Hyper-V hypervisors.

Comparison between the different storage options for building a public cloud


Local Storage
High Availability
Yes, but At High Cost
Supported Deployments
Segregated: Storage / Compute
DR/Backup Functionality
Yes, but Expensive
No Vendor Lock-in