Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0

Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 – Which use-cases and XaaS services are growing?

The third edition of StorPool’s monthly online meetup Cloud Infra Cafe took place on the 28th of May. The event gathered more than 30 people in a casual and productive talk about anything as a service. It was a pleasure to meet so many IT experts, learn from their experience, and discuss how Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS solutions evolve.

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About Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 – Which use-cases and XaaS services are growing?

SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, or just … XaaS. Anything as a service. The demand for IT services is emerging and more businesses have to choose whether to develop internal expertise on specific solutions/products or use it as XaaS. XaaS emerges as a new IT operating model, but which use cases are growing now and have the most potential?

On the online meetup, we had some great presentations from our speakers. Many IT industry experts also joined the discussion and shared their ideas on the topic.

Speakers on the Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 were:

  • Boyan Krosnov – CPO of StorPool Storage, who made a short presentation on the XaaS trends and how the pandemic affects the companies in the industry.
    (Download Boyan’s Presentation)
  • Mark Coleman – Director of Developer Relations at Packet. Mark explained more about how different XaaS models are adopted and how the public cloud vendors market is growing.
    (Download Mark’s Presentation)
  • Jean-Philippe Foures – IaaS Team Leader at Iguane Solutions. Jean-Philippe explained how Iguane Solutions built an IaaS with OpenNebula and StorPool, shared his thoughts on infrastructure trends, and how the market is growing.
    (Download Jean-Philippe’s Presentation)

Cloud Infra Cafe 4.0

There’s still a lot we can talk about. That is why we want to invite you to our next online meetup!

Stay tuned, we’ll announce the date and the new topic soon! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest news.

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