Building Reliable and High-Performance
Clouds is Our Mission

StorPool partners with leading technology and solutions providers, hardware manufacturers and distributors to help you build best-of-breed IT stacks

“Our cooperation with StorPool Storage enables us to provide а ready working end-to-end solution to our customers covering also the storage segment making our offering complete and covering the workloads infrastructure in the face of Openstack or Kubernetes and the storage area provided by StorPool for high-performance on-premise solutions. This allows us to ultimately become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace. Along the way, we are pleased with our partnership with StorPool Storage, with its outstanding management and executive teams, we are happy to work together, demonstrate strong operational skills, and create high efficiency”,

Mihail Vukadinov, CTO, ITGix.

Technology Partners

StorPool’s technology partners include a carefully-selected list of companies. Together we build, implement and optimize unbeatable clouds for leading enterprises globally.

Hardware Partners & Solutions

The freedom to build your storage hardware according to your needs and requirements. StorPool works with leading hardware providers and distributors, as well as channel partners to help you build fast your storage system.

Solution Providers

Do you need help from a trusted technology partner to build a whole solution? StorPool partners with leading solutions providers, who build tailored technology solutions for global companies. Get a fully managed IT stack/Cloud, powered by StorPool’s high-performance, primary storage platform storage and stay focused on your core business.

StorPool is a trusted market leader on the software-defined storage market. Get in touch with us to provide the best-of-breed technology for your customers!