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Looking for interesting challenges and meaningful work in a growing company with a great team and culture? We're looking for you.

StorPool is an industry leader in next-generation data storage software, built for Modern IT. Since 2012 we are revolutionizing the way businesses store and manage their data and run their applications. Since our founding we have become one of the global leaders in storage technology with clients in more than 30 countries around the world. Our suite of products and services is designed to help our clients run the fastest, most reliable, effortless, and scalable data storage system.

We believe that a leading company is the product of outstanding people. Our team consists of people who are among the very best in their field of work, and we are constantly looking for the brightest, most motivated and self-driven people to join us. We treasure common sense, ability to find solutions to problems and bias towards action and achieving results, more than CVs and pedigree.

StorPool team

How It All Started

Like so many good tech stories go, ours began in a garage where a group of technologists started a networking virtualization company back in 2009. They soon found out that clients had bigger issues with storage at the time, saying data storage it’s too complex, hard to manage, hard to scale and too expensive. As a result of this feedback at the beginning of 2012, StorPool was born, with the idea that the data storage system of the future is software, and not a dedicated storage appliance/box.

"This approach was later labeled Software-Defined Storage or SDS. A software-defined system doesn't use specialized, carefully crafted hardware to get the work done, it works on standard servers instead. It is the concept of modern hyper-scale public clouds, where all functions are performed via software on standard servers. In our early years, we spoke with many enterprise storage teams, claiming that the concept seemed impossible to work at the time. Over a decade later, StorPool Storage is the most powerful, latest generation, block-storage platform for demanding workloads at scale."
Boyan Krosnov

Our Mission

We are on a mission to Create a Better World through Better Data Storage. It’s all about data. Data moves the world. Any human activity today is fueled by large amounts of data. Improving data storage, management and security leads to a better World and a better life for all of us. We aim to be the company that accelerates the world by storing & managing data more productively.

Our Culture​

We are driven by customer centricity, professionalism, attention to detail, impact and constant improvement. Other core values of our culture are being thoughtful, proactive, friendly and responsible, so as to achieve outstanding results in everything we do. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we do not. However we never stop striving to become better, more knowledgeable and achieve more in our pursuit to create a better world through better data storage.

"I like the constant development - the way you learn something new with every task and project and in a month or two, when you look back, you have this wonderful feeling of having advanced so much for this time. It's really beyond comparison."
Georgi Apostolov
Georgi Apostolov
System administrator

Where Are We Now?

StorPool Storage is a growing and profitable product company. We are among the global leaders in storage. Our team is constantly growing while retaining the basic values that make us successful (as well as a great place to work): being proactive, caring about our team and clients, reliability, professionalism and, last but not least, having fun. We retain the flexibility of startup culture and we have combined it with the experience and stability of a leading company in our industry.

As part of our team, your day would be spent on solving interesting technical or business challenges, some of which you might never encounter elsewhere. The opportunity to growth and personal development is virtually unlimited and in your hands. You will have a flexible schedule, and a choice of working from a remote location, from our office or combining them.

"Working at StorPool has been a fulfilling journey for me. The team is supportive and innovative, fostering a collaborative and productive work culture. I've grown both personally and professionally during my time here at StorPool, and I'm excited to remain a part of the team's ongoing success."
Beth Caltagirone
Beth Caltagirone
Head of Marketing

Why StorPool?

Our Open Job Positions

If you don’t see your dream position listed, please get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you if we have an opening which might interest you in the future. You can say "hi" at [email protected].

Meet part of our team​

Vasil Kolev

Vasil Kolev

Operations Team Technical Lead
"One of the things I like the most about StorPool is the company culture. Our software is mission-critical to the people who use it. They need it to work all the time, quickly and well. Therefore, the entire company culture is about things working correctly and as they should. I could say I've never had another job as interesting as this one."
Viktor Girov

Viktor Girov

Senior Sales Expert
"At StorPool, we strive to help every cloud builder make its customers happy. We achieve this by turning the cloud’s foundation – its infrastructure, into an extremely fast and robust element. Help us make the world a better place. Being part of StorPool helps me grow and progress as a professional, and it inspires me to aim higher."
Alex Ivanov

Alex Ivanov

Product Lead
"StorPool is setting the standard for how data storage should be done in the next 30 years. There’s a lot that we’re figuring out on the business, organisational, and technical side. What matters is that it’s really exciting to work with a team of people who are engaged and really care about making an impact on the way IT is done around the world."
Todor Tanev

Todor Tanev

Quality & Automation Lead
"Being a part of a team of highly skilled professionals, always focused on improving everything they do, and striving to be the best version of themselves is priceless. Also, I really like that the quality is upheld. It's not a function of one person or one team, but rather it's part of the company culture."

Life at StorPool

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