Private Cloud

With StorPool Storage any company can deploy a fast,
cost-efficient and reliable private cloud. Easy to deploy and scale,
StorPool gives you flexibility and unmatched performance.


Reliable and Scalable Storage for Private Cloud

Searching for a storage solution for building an enterprise-grade software-defined cloud? StorPool is here to help you.
Now your private cloud can be unmatched in speed, reliability and cost efficiency. StorPool is delivering the true agility, resiliency and scalability your business needs.
With StorPool you will no longer have to make large upfront investments in dedicated storage or all-flash arrays. Instead you can use standard hardware, which is both inexpensive and straight-forward to use. The use of StorPool in an Enterprise Private Cloud makes the management of the storage simple and easy, whilst simultaneously providing a very powerful, highly flexible, intelligent and fast storage solution.
StorPool is designed from the ground up to provide private cloud builders with the fastest and most resource efficient software-defined storage on the market.

The benefits of building a Private Cloud with StorPool storage

By using StorPool’s distributed, software-defined storage for your Private Cloud, you can overcome the traditional pain points when building a private cloud. Our storage systems are easy to deploy, flexible and tailored to fully match your business needs.
Now you can start small and grow big as your project & business require!
All our customers can rely on us to deliver a complete solution, which is fully managed 24/7 for them. StorPool Storage delivers the speed your business really needs and enables you to focus on your core business.

Starting Architecture: A Hyperconverged Private Cloud

Recommended High-level Architecture for Enterprise Private Clouds

The advantages of building a Private Cloud with StorPool Storage

  • Scale-out System

    With StorPool your storage will scale independently by IOPS, storage capacity and bandwidth. It can grow online, without interruption and in small steps – one drive, one server and one network interface at a time.

  • High Performance

    Your StorPool storage will combine the IOPS performance of all drives in the cluster and optimize drive access patterns to provide low latency and to handle storage usage bursts. The load is distributed equally between all servers.

  • High Availability and Reliability

    StorPool uses a replication mechanism that stores copies of the data on different physical servers. This protects you against drive, server, or other hardware component failure. In case of a failure we use another copy of the data located on another server and none of your data is lost or even temporarily unavailable.

  • Commodity Hardware usage

    StorPool supports drives and servers in a vendor-agnostic manner, allowing you to avoid vendor lock-in. This allows the use of commodity hardware, while preserving reliability and performance requirements. You can mix drives and servers of various types, make, speed or size in a StorPool cluster.

  • Safest storage system for your data

    StorPool has the most extensive end-to-end data integrity feature on the market. We calculate a checksum right at the client and we store it with the data. This is better protection compared to systems which don’t have a data integrity mechanism (e.g. storage RAID).

  • No single points of failure

    StorPool is highly available due to its distributed architecture and no single points of failure. Every component is redundant. We ensure highest amount of uptime possible by providing triple replication, so that you are sure your service is up and running all the time.

  • High Efficiency

    The StorPool system is designed to deliver extremely resource efficient storage for your cloud. It saves on compute, networking and storage in order to deliver the best price/performance ratio on a total solution cost basis.

  • Fully managed, With Outstanding Support

    StorPool is a fully managed solution – we manage the storage system, so that you can focus on your core business. Also, StorPool comes with reliable dedicated support: remote installation and initial configuration by StorPool’s specialists; 24×7 enterprise-grade support with SLA; software updates, proactive monitoring. We are always there for you.

Supported Platforms

At StorPool we know that each enterprise has a different needs and use different technologies. StorPool storage supports the most common platforms and cloud orchestration systems in the domain.
StorPool storage is compatible with KVM, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, libvirt, Docker / containers, etc. Our customers can manage their private clouds with OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, OnApp, Proxmox and custom cloud orchestration systems.
Customers running VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization can enjoy the benefits of a blazing fast, scale-out and highly available cloud infrastructure through the use of our advanced iSCSI target, connecting the storage system to the VMware & Hyper-V hypervisors.

Comparison between the different storage options for building a private cloud


Local Storage
High Availability
Remote Replication / DR
Yes, but Expensive
Yes, but At High Cost
Supported Deployments
Segregated: Storage / Compute
End-to-end data integrity

Success Stories

Selected industry leaders powering their success with StorPool storage: