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Achieve high availability, scalability, and long-term adaptability with Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage.

Accelerate your CloudStack Deployment with Ultra-Fast, Reliable and Scalable Block Data Storage

Cloud builders are always seeking ways to optimize the architecture and cost of their public and private cloud deployments. Many businesses choose Apache CloudStack to deploy and manage large networks of KVM or Xen virtual machines as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.

With Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage, companies can deploy a highly automated cloud that delivers the application performance and reliability their users need while easily addressing changes in user requirements over the long term.

Software Defined Storage Built for Modern IT

CloudStack supports several varieties of storage solutions with a range of capabilities. However, with the addition of StorPool Storage, an ultra-fast and effortless block storage platform, CloudStack users gain:

Application Acceleration with storage latency under 100µs (0.1 millisecond) and up to 113 million IOPS per single system
Fully Managed Dedicated StorPool Experts – StorPool experts design, deploy, tune, monitor, and maintain your storage implementation including the CloudStack integration
Agile Platform – Eliminate vendor lock-in by using industry standard servers for compute and storage. Scale up and down by adding or removing nodes without bringing the cluster down.
Unmatched Reliability – StorPool’s unique distributed, parallel, multi-controller system with no single points of failure is delivering proven 99.999% (Five 9s!) uptime with 15 years MTBF.
Fully Integrated with CloudStack – No changes to common Cloud admin tasks – create and manage volumes, snapshots, VMs – are all managed from the CloudStack User Interface.
Breakthrough TCO – Pay-as-you-go and pay-per-use licensing with no add-ons for maximum transparency, while delivering a Total Cost of Ownership up to 3 times cheaper.

RapidCompute Upgrades its Services with a Primary Storage Solution by StorPool Storage

StorPool Provides More Flexible and Reliable Storage Solution for Pakistan’s First Enterprise-Class Public Cloud Computing Platform

“Our experience with StorPool has been outstanding. We have saved substantial time managing operations and have experienced zero downtime. The solution delivers excellent value for the money and the StorPool team is very professional and goes the extra mile in addressing any concerns we have.”, Imtiaz A. Khan, CTO RapidCompute

StorPool Storage Seamlessly Integrates with CloudStack

StorPool Storage integrates tightly with Apache CloudStack to allow seamless use of the StorPool Storage system through the CloudStack GUI, CLI, and API interfaces.

StorPool integration enables cloned provisioning, instant snapshots, thin provisioning, and backup, disaster recovery, and Quality of Service (QoS) policies per virtual disk or virtual machine (VM). Common management tasks such as cloning VMs, managing snapshots, provisioning VMs, or changing retention or encryption policies can all be handled through the standard CloudStack workflows.

With StorPool, VM provisioning is nearly instantaneous, and data placement policies and other settings can be changed dynamically to address changes in user requirements.

With the deep integration between the two systems, CloudStack administrators can stay within their CloudStack environment and stick to CloudStack workflows, knowing that the interactions with StorPool are completely automated.

The CloudStack and StorPool Technical brief

A blueprint for cloud and storage architects to aid in the design and deployment for a cloud infrastructure with Apache CloudStack working with KVM hosts and StorPool Storage.

The document includes detail on:

  • High-level Reference Architecture
  • Cloud Management
  • Primary and Secondary Data Storage
  • Management Network, Guest Network, Primary Storage Network
  • Deployment Modes

“Apache CloudStack is a strong player in the open-source cloud management platform world, and with the seamless integration of StorPool Storage with CloudStack, IT teams receive cascading levels of benefits that make their lives easier. From data storage as code, to eliminating the need for scheduled downtime to the insurance of SLAs, through its STaaS delivery – this integration fortifies the advantages of CloudStack while minimizing the risks and headaches of managing data storage.””

Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage

StorPool's integration with CloudStack - PDF Materials

CloudStack Solution Brief

CloudStack Technical Brief

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