260% ROI on Your New Cloud

Complete reference design for building the most efficient Cloud

Solid ROI (Return On Investment) is a significant competitive advantage for any company. And high ROI is one of the most important parameters of a successful cloud project.

The traditional stack when building a cloud was: servers and SAN storage from a two- or three-letter vendor and VMware or Hyper-V hypervisor. With increasing business competition and advance in technologies this approach delivers very low or negative ROI.

Now StorPool changes the economics of building a cloud by unlocking the potential of the SDS stack. We help reduce cost across the entire IT stack and enable companies to build clouds with ROI of 260% or more.

We developed and helped implement this reference architecture for a number of our customers. It delivers standard VMs (1) at cost of $5.5/month (2). Same size VMs are sold by hyper-scale giants (3) like DigitalOcean and GoDaddy for $20/month. This makes your cloud ROI equal to 262% at market rates.

Now anyone can build hyper-efficient cloud infrastructure even at small scale.

Don’t gamble when choosing storage for your new cloud. Calculate ROI!


For full details & calculations, please click on the file (image) below:

ROI calculation

(1) VM considered for this case is with following parameters: 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, 40 GB SSD storage;
(2) Monthly and one-off costs amortized over 36 months;
(3) Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, as of February 2017: