StorPool Presents at Storage Field Day 18

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Storage field day 18 was held in Silicon Valley between 27-th of February and 1-st of March 2019.  Our session was on the first day and it made waves. Ray Lucchesi (@RayLucchesi) said: “Standard, enterprise-class, million dollars storage system is not able to do this. Standard software-defined versions of these sorts of systems with tiers of SSDs aren’t able to …

hybrid storage solutions

Performance Comparison: StorPool “SSD-Hybrid” vs. “All-SSD” system

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What are the differences between hybrid storage solutions “SSD-Hybrid” vs. “All-SSD”? Minor in terms of performance. StorPool has a unique way of building hybrid storage solutions. It is called StorPool “SSD-Hybrid”, which keeps 1 copy of data on SSD and 2 redundant copies of data on HDDs. I.e. for each 1 TB raw on SSD we the StorPool SSD-Hybrid uses …


Storage Latency and Congestion: The metrics you need to track for your cloud

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Earlier this week StorPool did a webinar on the topic “Latency: the #1 Metric for your Cloud”. Boyan Krosnov, StorPool’s CPO, shared some interesting insights regarding the crucial metrics of any cloud. And why latency is the most important one? And, of course, how to reach the lowest latency possible for your cloud. Keep reading, if you have missed our …

Arm Server

Is it the right time for Arm in your Software-Defined Data Center?

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The obvious choice for software-defined IT infrastructure is to use high-end x86 processors. Millions of IT environments depend on the x86. When it comes to alternatives the choices have been pretty limited so far. Arm may be on the way to transform your software-defined datacenter. The Arm server market share is small, not at all comparable to the industry-standard x86 …


The Story of Building our CloudStack Storage Integration – Accelerating CloudStack For Service Providers and Enterprises

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The capable CloudStack storage solutions are few. Cloud providers, MSPs, and Enterprises benefit from StorPool together with CloudStack in order to accelerate their applications while increasing the ROI (Return on Investment) of their IT. Combined with its efficiency, scalability, and reliability, StorPool can boost the performance of your CloudStack infrastructure and help you to achieve superb end-user experience. The History …

Tactical advice on building software-defined clouds

Tactical advice on building software-defined clouds

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In his recent talk Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage gave the audience useful tactical pieces of advice on how to build a software-defined cloud. The software is “eating” the world The truth is the world is rapidly adopting all sorts of software-defined solutions. The software is for sure the new norm.  Everything is becoming simpler, smaller, and more friendly …

Silent data corruption Linux Kernel

Beware: Silent data corruption discovered in Linux kernels 4.10-4.17

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While debugging an issue in a new StorPool deployment we re-discovered a kernel bug that exists in some of the latest Linux kernels and causes silent data corruption. The setup is a virtualized environment where the kernel containing the bug was running on the host. The guests were KVM virtual machines with io=threads (the default in standard libvirt/qemu packages) and …

The weird interactions of cgroups and linux page cache in hypervisor environments

The weird interactions of cgroups and linux page cache in hypervisor environments

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Here’s one case we’ve spent some time debugging, related to StorPool, VMs, cgroups, OOM (out-of-memory) killer and caching. Some of it should be useful to a lot of sysadmins out there. The issue started with a customer complaining: > It’s happening again, on this hypervisor VMs are being killed > by the OOM killer. This doesn’t happen on hypervisors where …