StorPool Storage Overview

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The Fastest Software-Defined Block Storage Software

StorPool is the fastest software-defined block storage software on the market, used by companies building public and private clouds to deliver an amazing end-user experience. It comes as software plus a fully-managed data storage service that transforms commodity hardware into a fast, highly available, and scalable shared-storage system for running demanding applications.

Primary data storage for leading modern public and private clouds

StorPool is a block storage software (software-defined storage solution). It runs on standard x86 servers, converting them into high-performance and highly available virtual (SAN) storage arrays. It can also run beside compute workloads in a hyper-converged manner.

StorPool is developed to help service providers, enterprises, and other public/private cloud builders build efficient clouds and eliminates the need for expensive and inefficient stand-alone storage arrays.

StorPool’s distributed storage software is installed on a cluster of servers. It then aggregates the performance and capacity of all the servers’ local drives into a single shared pool of block storage, distributed among the servers.

The storage system scales linearly in capacity and performance, meaning that by making a cluster 10 times bigger, would similarly increase the performance of the cluster by 10 times.

A next-generation data storage software for building hyper-converged infrastructure

StorPool’s enterprise data storage solution enables so-called “converged” deployments, i.e. using the same servers for both storage and computation, therefore making it possible to have a single standard “building block” for the datacenter and slashing costs.

An extension to this concept is having a tight integration of the software layers running on this converged infrastructure – hypervisor, cloud management, etc – known as “hyper-convergence” or “hyper-converged” infrastructure.

How StorPool Compares to Other Storage Solutions

StorPool is the superior alternative to mid- and high-end SANs and All-Flash Arrays (AFA) and other Storage Software solutions. Especially when it comes to mid- and large-scale deployments (hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of storage). With its comprehensive set of data management functionalities, StorPool’s software-defined storage solution goes above and beyond what is possible with other SDS products.

See how StorPool compares to other storage technologies (such as Ceph, ZFS, or All-Flash Arrays) and its advantages when building a Cloud.

Simple to Set Up, Powerful to Use

StorPool’s storage systems can start as small as 20TB and grow up to 50 PB. The minimal configuration consists of three nodes and the storage system can grow easily with your business. You can seamlessly scale the whole cluster by simply adding more drives or servers. This will expand both capacity and performance.

The expansion of volumes and file systems on top of StorPool happens online, without stopping the service itself. The updates for StorPool are also carried out online, without any interruption to your services, which simply continue running on top. Discover how StorPool Works!

A fully managed Software-Defined Storage Solution with Outstanding Support

StorPool delivers an innovative approach to providing data storage service and storage management. The unique storage platform comes with 24/7/365 mission-critical support, SLA, proactive monitoring, and issue resolution. It is a fully-managed storage solution that includes system design assistance, hardware functional tests, stress-test, hardware performance tests and much more – running on your hardware, in your datacenter.

A Powerful Storage Solution Packed with Data Management Features And Advantages

StorPool supports a large range of IT platforms/software stacks – a mix of operating systems, hypervisors and cloud orchestrations/management systems. From Linux/KVM, through VMware, Hyper-V, through bare metal to containers – StorPool supports it all.

Designed for demanding, mission-critical workloads, with superior product quality and outstanding 24/7 technical support and fully managed services.

StorPool is a powerful software defined-storage system and has advanced data management features including thin provisioning, end-to-end data integrity, snapshots and clones, Quality of Service (QoS), scale-out, load balancing, automatic recovery, non-disruptive online software and hardware upgrades and much more.

Unique Multi-Platform Support

StorPool has the widest compatibility list on the market, being integrated/supporting multiple IT platforms/stacks. It can uniquely power multiple IT systems, running different IT stacks, from a single storage platform. Be it Linux/KVM (OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, OnApp, Proxmox), be it VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, be it bare metal, or containerized (Kubernetes) applications – StorPool runs them all!

Other Integrations

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Entire IT Infrastructure

For most cloud builders, periodic storage/hardware refresh cycles are a way of life. Most companies tend to change their storage infrastructure every 3 to 5 years. The reasons for this are various – your storage system reaches its maximum capacity, the storage does not deliver enough performance to handle modern applications and workloads, or your storage vendor is changing its pricing policy. In all of these situations replacing the existing storage system is a painful and risky process. You need to research storage alternatives, spend weeks or month on tests, build a migration plan, and migrate your workloads from one system to another. A fact that should not be underestimated is the risk incurred during this transition period.

StorPool’s enterprise storage software is a solution to all these problems. By implementing the best-in-class fully distributed storage system, you can make the pain of hardware refresh cycles a thing of the past. In StorPool the data lives in the software layer, distributed between multiple physical servers/racks of servers. This means that you can change hardware components while the storage system is up and running without maintenance windows, data migrations or without any downtime or risk of data loss. Further, you only use commodity hardware, so you avoid vendor lock-in, do not need to invest upfront in expensive SAN systems and you don’t have to pay for capacity you do not utilize.

StorPool’s unique technology makes it one of the fastest and most efficient high-end SDS storage solutions on the market. StorPool leverages standard hardware which brings a substantial reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increases Return on Investment (ROI) for Enterprise-grade clouds.

Because of its efficiency, StorPool also optimizes the cost of compute and networking, enabling customers to gain extra capital savings, to reduce operational expenses, and to simplify their whole IT stack.

StorPool replaces traditional storage arrays – both SAN and all-flash (AFA) arrays and other inferior storage software solutions. StorPool is a proven enterprise storage solution when building the storage layer, of both Private and Public Clouds. It is faster, simpler, more reliable, plus it can reduce total costs considerably.

Reduce Total IT Infrastructure Cost and Increase Profit margins with the leading Distributed Data Storage Platform