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Meet the Next Generation
Block Storage Platform

StorPool is proven to increase competitiveness, eliminate vendor lock-in and improve service quality all while optimizing your entire IT infrastructure stack, through storage.

  • Ultra-High Performance Block Storage

    • Latency under 100 microseconds (0.1 millisecond)
    • Up to 113 million IOPS
    • Up to 945 GB/s

  • Scale and Manage with Ease

    • True scale-out, from 10 TBs to 10+ PBs, without interruption
    • No more downtime. All operations become online – updates, upgrades, hardware refresh, etc.
    • API-first storage platform – modern IT design with full automation

  • Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

    • Storage as a Service with a bring your server terms
    • Use-case based, pay-per-use pricing
    • Optimize your entire IT through a streamlined datacenter design

Trusted by leading cloud service providers, SaaS companies and enterprises.

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