Cloud Infra Cafe by StorPool

Cloud Infra Cafe by StorPool

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Cloud Infra Cafe by StorPool is an online meetup – a get together of IT experts, storage engineers, solutions architects, system administrators, and DevOps engineers. On these online events, we create an open discussion on viral topics in the IT industry and within the storage domain. The idea behind Cloud Infra Cafe came from the natural need of IT experts to exchange experience and knowledge and the limited time they have to attend physical events.

Event Format

Cloud Infra Cafe is a platform, which gives you the freedom to share your opinion and your voice to be heard. Everybody can join, no matter your location or position in the company. The only thing you need to do is to register free for the event and add it to your calendar.

Cloud Infra Cafe 1.0

The first event from the Cloud Infra Cafe format was focused on the current challenges caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

The world has changed. So do the storage and infrastructure market. We got together for a virtual coffee and discussed the storage and infrastructure challenges we will meet in the next months. In the open discussion, we covered topics like:
– how is the Covid-19 changing the business of IT companies
– which business types are going up and which are going down
– is your infrastructure prepared
– storage challenges
– predictions for the cloud market in the next months
– how we to build a “disaster recovery” plan

Cloud Infra Cafe 1.10

During the event, we managed to talk with representatives of big European cloud providers, hardware resellers, managed service providers and private cloud builders. We are happy to share that we received positive feedback from numerous participants!

Cloud Infra Cafe 2.0 – Cost Reduction for IT infrastructure

In a turbulent situation like now, there is tremendous pressure on IT to decrease the costs and optimize.

But which costs can be actually cut? And when cutting costs may result in lower quality or complications? Can we use innovation as a driver for cost reduction? What will win – risk reduction or cost reduction? Can we do both?
Join an open discussion for IT managers and CTOs with practical advice on how to cut costs reasonably and how to improve the efficiency of your IT stack. Let’s discuss strategies for rationalizing costs!

Cloud Infra Cafe 2.0

  • Speaker: Boyan Krosnov, CPO of StorPool Storage
  • Guest Speaker: Borislav Mitev, System Admin at Imperia Online JSC
  • Guest Speaker: Peter Pouliot – Senior Developer Advocate, Ampere Computing

A useful document, which you can review before joining the event is StorPool’s Cloud ROI calculator. The free online tool will give you a clear idea about your stack TCO and ROI.

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Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 – Which use-cases and XaaS services are growing?

SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, or just … XaaS. Anything as a service. The demand for IT services is emerging and more businesses have to take the solution whether to develop internal expertise on specific solution/product or to use it as XaaS.

Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0

XaaS emerges as new IT operating model, but which use cases are growing now and have the most potential? How to build a reliable “as a service solution” and how to measure ROI effectively? Which services experience increased demand?

Join Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 and learn from industry experts!

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Cloud Infra Cafe Meetup GroupUpcoming events

Stay tuned for upcoming events. The Cloud Infra Cafe will happen every two or three weeks, depending on the feedback from our participants. All events will be announced in the official Cloud Infra Cafe Meetup group here.

Join as a Guest Speaker

Are you an experienced infrastructure manager or a system administrator? Do you have an interesting story to share? We will be happy to have you as a guest speaker on the events. Send us an email to [email protected] with your idea and we will get in touch with you!

Get Involved in Cloud Infra Cafe!

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