Silent data corruption Linux Kernel

Beware: Silent data corruption discovered in Linux kernels 4.10-4.17

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While debugging an issue in a new StorPool deployment we re-discovered a kernel bug that exists in some of the latest Linux kernels and causes silent data corruption. The setup is a virtualized environment where the kernel containing the bug was running on the host. The guests were KVM virtual machines with io=threads (the default in standard libvirt/qemu packages) and …

The weird interactions of cgroups and linux page cache in hypervisor environments

The weird interactions of cgroups and linux page cache in hypervisor environments

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Here’s one case we’ve spent some time debugging, related to StorPool, VMs, cgroups, OOM (out-of-memory) killer and caching. Some of it should be useful to a lot of sysadmins out there. The issue started with a customer complaining: > It’s happening again, on this hypervisor VMs are being killed > by the OOM killer. This doesn’t happen on hypervisors where …

Hyper-converged infrastructure

Is Hyper-converged infrastructure what you need?

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Are convergence and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) just a hype or are they something really useful, which will give you numerous benefits? As the discussions on this topic are evolving day by day, in this article we sum-up our latest expertise: when is HCI right for you? What is the difference between hyper-converged and converged systems? As most buzzwords, converged and …

Analytics and monitoring

StorPool Storage Monitoring and Analytics – Full control and better efficiency

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StorPool is happy to present an enhanced version of its storage Monitoring and Analytics Tool. If you are using StorPool storage and taking the benefits of high throughput, low latency, and great reliability, this GUI tool will be useful to provide your system administrators with statistics and valuable information. Now, it is even better, more detailed and provides better UX. …

Backup and Disaster Recovery with StorPool

Backup and Disaster Recovery with StorPool Software-Defined Storage

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Backup and Disaster Recovery are of major importance for the quality of the IT services a company can offer. The reliable and up-to-date backup guarantees you will be prepared to restore data in case of loss. On the other hand, a Disaster Recovery solution ensures the business continuity for your customers. These two options are both provided by StorPool Storage …

STORAGE CAPACITY EXPLAINED - raw, provisioned and usable storage

Storage Capacity Explained – What is Provisioned, Usable and Raw Storage

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You want to build a storage system, your data is 100TB and you suppose you need 100TB storage capacity. Are you sure you are right? How to define the size of your storage system? Especially if you need scalability and redundancy? Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool gave a brief talk on this topic “Provisioned, Usable and Raw Storage – Storage …

all-flash SAN array

5 reasons why companies switch from an all-flash SAN array to Software-Defined Storage

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For the last 2 years more and more companies are switching to Software Defined Storage (SDS). This process is driven by the fundamental changes in the IT market and business needs of the modern enterprise. As IDC reports “For IT organizations undergoing digital transformation, SDS provides a good match for the capabilities needed – flexible IT agility; easier, more intuitive …


StorPool Storage Performance Test: 3x NVMe storage servers – 0.06 ms latency!

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One of the main capabilities, for which StorPool is recognized globally is the ability to deliver unmatched storage performance. Even at a small scale it delivers astonishing performance, while scaling linearly as the storage system grows. The blazing fast storage speed, at affordable price makes StorPool a preferred choice for companies, aiming to achieve great performance and high availability at …


Software-Defined Storage Resolving Top Issues of Shared Hosting Industry

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Software-defined storage can resolve the top issues with which thousands of shared hosting providers struggle every day. A great storage system can give a solution to the issues with downtime, customer dissatisfaction, and shared hosting ROI. At StorPool every day we speak with a bunch of hosting companies. Moreover, trough the years we have gathered a great experience and knowledge …

Storpool webinar

Unlocking new opportunities through adoption of software-defined storage – StorPool’s Webinar

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On May 2nd StorPool did a webinar on the topic “Unlocking new opportunities through the adoption of software-defined storage”, covering the matter of how technology can help you increase the value and efficiency of your business. Which, of course, is the essence of technology to begin with. It decreases customers’ churn, increases their satisfaction, and cuts the IT infrastructure costs. …