Software-Defined Storage Resolving Top Issues of Shared Hosting Industry

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Software-defined storage can resolve the top issues with which thousands of shared hosting providers struggle every day. A great storage system can give a solution to the issues with downtime, customer dissatisfaction, and shared hosting ROI. At StorPool every day we speak with a bunch of hosting companies. Moreover, trough the years we have gathered a great experience and knowledge …

eApps and StorPool storage

eApps Hosting and StorPool: Storage Challenge Resolved

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eApps Hosting – a premier provider of application hosting services since 1996, serving more than 5000 customers. Hosting over 15,000 domains in more than 125 countries…. and trusting StorPool storage for the high performance and reliability of its storage system. We met Richard Lingsch, CEO of eApps at World Hosting Days Global 2017. We took the opportunity to have a …