Webinar: Adoption of distributed storage: Unlocking new opportunities

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Join StorPool’s webinar on the topic “Unlocking new opportunities through the adoption of software-defined storage + Bonus discussion: What software-defined storage vendors are not telling you?” on 2nd May at 1 pm UTC. What we’ll talk about Meet us on 2nd May when we will chat about how new technologies can increase your business value. In this  constantly changing hosting industry world, in …

Inoreader and StorPool

Inoreader Migrated From Bare-metal Servers to OpenNebula + StorPool

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Founded in 2013, the company Innologica develops one of the fastest growing content reading platform Inoreader . The platform helps users save time and boost their productivity by delivering news straight to them right when they are published. Additionally, Innologica works on enterprise IT solutions for the Telecom sector – Business and operational support systems – CRM, Billing, Monitoring, Provisioning and Workforce …

StorPool Podcast

“Data Driven Talk” podcast with guest Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool

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On March 2nd Boyan Ivanov, CEO and Co-founder of StorPool Strage was invited as a  guest on the podcast “Data Driver Talk” with Enrico Signoretti. About the podcast “Data Driver Talk” is the place where you can hear users, industry experts, and other enterprise IT community members talk about all the new technologies and trends in the data and data storage world. Host …

Imperia Online-Case-study

Imperia Online Case Study: 100% uptime and reliability after deploying StorPool

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StorPool is proud to present its latest case study with one of  the most successful game production companies in Europe – Imperia Online. Imperia Online has more than 20 released games and over 40 million users worldwide. The main goal for all companies in the gaming industry is to provide extremely low latency of the game. As well as, to keep safe the …

Intel Podcast

Build an Efficient, Scalable Cloud with StorPool and Intel

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“Chip Chat Conversations in the Cloud” is Intel’s weekly podcast with IT leaders, driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure based data center. Earlier this week aired the latest episode with Boyan Ivanov, CEO and Co-Founder of StorPool. In the converstation you can hear the story behind StorPool from one of its co-founders himself. It all started in 2011 with …

Storage predictions 2018

IT Infrastructure Trends and Storage Predictions for 2018 – what is coming and how to be prepared

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2017 was a turbulent year for IT, but this is business as usual now. 2018 promises to be even more turbulent, with increasing levels of consolidation, regulation and global competition. No matter whether you strive to be at the bleeding edge of IT or not, our storage predictions 2018 and IT infrastructure trends are a good starting point to get …

SiteGround video case study

Video Case Study: StorPool distributed storage – hundreds of times faster performance for SiteGround

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StorPool’s latest case study is with one of the major web hosting service providers – SiteGround.  SiteGround – a different approach in hosting thanks to StorPool A few years ago SiteGrounded decided to virtualize their servers and leave behind the old physical ones.  Tenko Nikolov, founder and CEO at SiteGround said: “Performance and reliability at affordable price“ are the main reasons the …

Power-up your cloud with insanely fast distributed storage

Webinar: Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage

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On 31st of October, completely live you will have the chance to join StorPool‘s webinar “Power-up your cloud with insanely fast storage”. The speaker – StorPool’s CEO, Boyan Ivanov will tell you how to boost your cloud performance with insanely fast storage. As well as, why distributed storage is the right storage solution for every company, which is looking for …

Highly Available Shared Hosting White Paper

White Paper: Highly Available Shared Hosting

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Highly Available Shared Hosting – a simple, yet powerful new concept which helps companies build high-quality, competitive and powerful shared hosting service! At StorPool we are proud to present you the Highly Available Shared Hosting White Paper. A way to get a competitive advantage, reduce your headaches and meanwhile – keep or even increase your profit margins! The Shared Hosting Industry …

Power-up your cloud with insanely fast distributed storage

StorPool and Intel Joint Webinar: Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage

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A joint webinar by StorPool and Intel took place on September 27th, on the topic “Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage”. StorPool’s CEO, Boyan Ivanov took the mic to share insights about building storage solutions, which have profound positive impact for companies which build or run clouds. How to build a better cloud? The key element to building a better cloud …