NVMeOF protocol

Demystifying: What is NVMeOF?

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Background: what is NVMeOF and how it differs from NVMe? Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVM Express or also more commonly NVMe) and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF, NVMeOF) are becoming a hype. The “NVMe” term still confuses many people. Many people use it to denote NVMe (PCIe) SSDs and some to denote the NVMe protocol. NVMe SSDs are the new default in business …

GroupOne Case Study

GroupOne replaces SAN storage for 4 times faster and scalable software-defined storage from StorPool – Case Study

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GroupOne chose StorPool software-defined storage and replaced the expensive and not scalable SAN storage. The result – better scalability and 4 times faster storage for their cloud! The Challenge Prior to StorPool, GroupOne was using iSCISI based storage SANs as well as a hybrid storage solution by Tegile. The traditional SAN storage and solutions were not delivering a good price/performance …

All-flash performance storage

All-flash performance storage for Coreix

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All-flash performance storage on affordable price combined with excellent support! This is what Coreix was searching and what they got with StorPool. Coreix Limited is a London-based managed service and network provider. Part of their portfolio are also services like hosting, colocation and cloud. Coreix offers secure, agile, scalable and robust hosting solutions. Its clients are in sectors ranging from …

Kualo cloud storage

Software-defined solution for Kualo’s cloud storage

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Kualo – a leading UK-based hosting provider chose StorPool to power the storage infrastructure for their hosting business. We interviewed Craig Luke, the Operations Director of Kualo to share his experience with StorPool. Cloud storage pains Craig shared that they have had a lot of storage pains with their cloud platform. They tried various products in 2009 and 2010. But …

Are traditional web hosting and hosting infrastructure dead?

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Traditional hosting is dead. Long live the managed hosting. The hosting industry is changing, due to the changing nature of workloads and business demands, plus the subsequent shift to software-defined data centers. The hosting providers and end customers are in a battle for the two sides of the same coin. They demand more efficient IT environments, higher performance, better reliability and …

Serial Console Pros and Cons

Why does StorPool recommend against serial console on production installations?

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TL;DR – try ‘echo t > /proc/sysrq-trigger‘ and see what happens. The serial console and frame buffer are two separate ways for the kernel to display text, either to a remote machine or on the local display. They both suffer from a very similar problem, that they block the CPU they run on for long periods of time, which in …

Kualo's Case Study

Shared Hosting with Software-defined Storage – Kualo and StorPool

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Software-defined storage for shared hosting is a revolutionary concept. It gives hosting providers three main advantages – high availability, super fast shared hosting and amazing performance. Our team visited the office of Kualo web hosting to meet Jo Stonehouse – the Managing Director of Kualo. Jo shared his experience with StorPool and most importantly how StorPool helped Kualo to build …

Latency vs. Capacity storage

Latency storage vs. Capacity storage – A Podcast by Intel and StorPool

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A couple of days ago, Boyan Krosnov, a Co-Founder and Chief of Product at StorPool joined an episode of Conversations in the Cloud. Conversations in the Cloud is a weekly podcast organized by Intel. About Conversations in the Cloud IT leaders driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure are sharing their knowledge and thoughts for the current market trends. The …