StorPool joins the Storage Networking Industry Association

StorPool is excited to announce that we’ve become part of the Storage Networking Industry Association / SNIA – the largest global organization dedicated to developing standards and education programs to advance storage and information technology. We have joined the association as a voting member, and we’ll contribute to driving standards development and adoption and will collaborate with other association members on ensuring that the organization’s visions are up to the standards.

StorPool’s membership in SNIA

As a leading software-defined storage provider, StorPool Storage decided to become a full voting member of SNIA and join other technology titans in driving standards development and adoption. We are excited to participate in the most important storage organization worldwide and collaborate on different initiatives within the SNIA. This way, we can actively participate in developing and adopting the storage standards and collaborating with other association members. We were also able to join the Technical Work Groups, where we’ll work together with other storage specialists to develop the standard’s implementation.

“For the past 10 years, we have been engineering cutting-edge storage solutions to accelerate the data management and thus business operations of our customers. As a natural continuation of this process we decided to join SNIA – the leading storage industry association and help drive the industry forward.”, Boyan Ivanov, CEO, StorPool Storage

About SNIA

The Storage Networking Industry Association / SNIA is a community of storage professionals, technical experts, IT end-users, and industry-leading organizations. Its mission is to lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement, and security of information. SNIA’s vision is to be the globally recognized and trusted authority for storage leadership, standards, and technology expertise. The organization was founded in 1997. To date, SNIA has more than 180 industry-leading member organizations, more than 2000 active contributing members, and over 50,000 IT end-users and storage professionals. 

Some of the organization’s projects are standards development and adoption, multi-vendor collaboration to accelerate adoption, hosting storage developer conferences, publishing technology white papers, etc. Learn more about SNIA 

About StorPool Storage

StorPool Storage is a leading SDS provider that develops the most reliable and speedy software-defined block storage on the market, used by public and private cloud builders, enterprises, Managed Services Providers, SaaS vendors, Hosting Services Providers, and Cloud Services Providers. StorPool converts sets of standard servers into primary storage arrays for large-scale cloud infrastructure. The software comes as an utterly hands-off solution – we architect, deploy, tune, monitor, and maintain your StorPool Storage system so that your users experience a speedy and reliable service.

Each company has different needs & different technology stacks. StorPool has native plug-ins for Cloud Management Platforms like Kubernetes, OpenStack, CloudStack, OnApp, and OpenNebula. It also supports VMware, Oracle VM, Hyper-V, XenServer, and almost all Linux technology stacks.

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