High-performance OpenStack storage for building Powerful Clouds

Achieve simple deployment and maximum reliability for your OpenStack software-defined cloud

StorPool is the leading software-defined storage vendor for highly available OpenStack block storage deployments

Creating a low-latency OpenStack storage platform that will meet the needs of your projects is now an easy task. With StorPool for OpenStack storage, cloud builders achieve speed and reliability for their block storage.

StorPool has become one of the main choices when it comes to building effective and affordable storage for large-scale OpenStack deployments. The powerful combination of StorPool+OpenStack has helped many cloud builders, MSPs, telcos, and financial organizations design Public and Private clouds that address the challenges of building a modern IT infrastructure.

StorPool is a high ROI OpenStack storage solution. It provides an unbeatable Total Costs of Ownership (TCO), $/GB usable and $/IOPS metrics. StorPool’s data storage platform delivers increased reliability compared to other storage solutions, due to its superior architecture and native integration with OpenStack.

The innovative software-defined OpenStack storage from StorPool is a fully-distributed solution with no single point of failure. It uses standard hardware and builds an extremely reliable storage system out of it. StorPool is natively integrated with OpenStack and creates the perfect platform for building a fast, reliable, and scalable OpenStack cloud storage.

Extremely flexible, keeping everything simple and natively integrated with OpenStack

StorPool has a native integration with OpenStack block storage (Cinder) and compute (Nova) components.

The Cinder driver allows any OpenStack component to create, remove, and extend user volumes, as well as copy data from Glance images to them and vice versa. The driver allows to control a volume’s replication count, placement strategy, I/O limits, and other capabilities of the StorPool storage system.

The Nova driver allows StorPool-backed Cinder volumes to be used by virtual machine instances. With Nova’s “root disk on a new volume created from a snapshot” functionality it is very easy to create one or more VM instances from the same OS template.

Learn more about the integration on GitHub.

Advantages of building OpenStack block storage with StorPool

StorPool is the fastest and most efficient OpenStack block storage software on the market today.
With its substantial set of features for better optimization and data management it creates a high performance environment for your OpenStack cloud (see performance results of StorPool).
StorPool allows building of converged, (storage + compute on the same servers), infrastructures and hyper-converged infrastructures.
StorPool is extremely flexible, allows unmatched operational agility, whilst keeping everything simple.
Exceptionally cost-effective storage software solution, having one of the lowest Total Costs of Ownership (TCO), $/GB usable and $/IOPS metrics on the market.
Provides increased reliability compared to other OpenStack storage alternatives, due to its superior architecture and implementation

Use Cases: StorPool and OpenStack

Solving performance issues in OpenStack powered block storage systems
Building complex environments, which require deployment flexibility and resource efficiency
Running large-scale deployments which demand seamless online scalability and performance
Building highly reliable OpenStack clouds and assuring their uptime

With StorPool for OpenStack storage, cloud builders achieve speed and reliability

With StorPool cloud builders can easily create highly available OpenStack distributed storage that is scalable and guarantees storage and data reliability. See more about the benefits of building a software-defined cloud.

More about StorPool’s integration with OpenStack:
Watch the video of Boyan Krosnov, CPO of StorPool Storage, talking about high-performance OpenStack block storage with StorPool.

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