StorPool Storage presenting at Storage Field Day 25

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be presenting again on the Tech Field Day series! StorPool Storage will join Storage Field Day 25 on Thursday, Mar 23 and the team will showcase our storage platform and its capabilities. We’ll also present the latest improvements to our solution that help companies build reliable, agile, speedy, and cost-effective clouds, get their data in order, and grow their business.

About Storage Field Day 25

Storage Field Day(SFD) is part of the Tech Field Day events – a series of invite-only technical meetings between influencers and enterprise IT companies. SFD gathers industry leaders and storage analysts in an exciting 2-day meetup with technical presentations followed by questions from the delegates. SFD focuses on enterprise storage and data protection in both physical and virtual worlds. This year’s delegates have a wide variety of knowledge and expertise in the industry and have witnessed the evolution of storage technologies and their capabilities through the years. See the complete list of delegates and more information about the SFD25 on the Tech Field Day website.

StorPool Storage will present virtually at the SDF25 on Thursday, Mar 23, 8:00-9:30 PT.

Watch SFD25 live: Live streaming video will appear on this page and on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page during the event.

StorPool Storage presenting at the SFD25

StorPool’s team will present our parallel multi-node, shared-nothing primary data storage architecture built for highly automated environments dynamically provisioned with self-service UIs where thousands of users can simultaneously manage their workloads. At the PB+ scale, many environments are too complex for traditional storage solutions. StorPool’s cost-effective data storage solution provides massive I/O parallelization, reliability, and low latency in a single data pool.

StorPool’s presenters on this edition of Storage Field Day were:

Boyan Ivanov, CEO at StorPool Storage

Boyan Krosnov, CTO at StorPool Storage

Alex Ivanov, Product Lead at StorPool Storage

StorPool’s team attended the CloudFest 2023 event and the Storage Field Day 25 on the same week, so we had to improvise with our setup:

StorPool Presents at Storage Field Day 25 – video presentation

You can watch all videos of our team presenting on StorPool’s page on Tech Field Day.

StorPool Storage at Tech Field Event Series

StorPool’s block storage platform has evolved in the past years, helping companies build a reliable and speedy infrastructure that could address their growing needs and changing business requirements. We have presented before at the Tech Field Day series in the Cloud Field Day 9 and Storage Field Day 18.

Learn more about StorPool Storage and how we accelerate the world by storing data more productively: Talk to a StorPool Storage expert!

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