Live, From CloudFest, StorPool is at Storage Field Day 25!

Storage Field Day (SFD) focuses on enterprise storage and data protection in both physical and virtual worlds. SFD brings together the best independent thought leaders in data storage to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies in the space. And on March 23, Boyan Ivanov our CEO and co-founder, Boyan Krosnov our CTO and co-founder, and Alex Ivanov our Product Lead spoke storage with the best and brightest Storage Gurus on the internet. You probably follow some of these folks on social media.

People like Ray Lucchesi (@RayLucchesi), Lars Troen (@LarsTr), David Klee (@KleeGeek), Andy Banta (@AndyBanta), and Jim Czuprynski (@JimTheWhyGuy).

Video replays should be available both on the Tech Field Day site here and on The Tech Field Day YouTube channel. You can watch all videos of our team presenting on StorPool’s page on Tech Field Day.

We’ve already seen some great comments as they’ve live-tweeted through the event (#SFD25)

And David Klee was impressed!

And we woke up Wolfgang Stiel (although we did have to translate the German)

We’ll also share any blogs or other writings from the delegates as they post them in the next few days. We’re excited to hear what they have to say!

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