SiteGround video case study

Video Case Study: StorPool distributed storage – hundreds of times faster performance for SiteGround

StorPool’s latest case study is with one of the major web hosting service providers – SiteGround

SiteGround – a different approach in hosting thanks to StorPool

A few years ago SiteGrounded decided to virtualize their servers and leave behind the old physical ones.  Tenko Nikolov, founder and CEO at SiteGround said: Performance and reliability at affordable price are the main reasons the company chose to work with StorPool. He continued: “this is a combination, that you can hardly get by any storage vendor”.

Additionally to that Ivaylo Nikolov, Chief Infrastructure Officer confirmed: “There are two reasons actually – speed and reliability. In terms of performance, StorPool was either on par or faster than the competition we tested. In terms of pricing, it is much more affordable compared to enterprise solutions”.

StorPool’s installation 

SiteGround’s cluster is entirely SSD based. Additionally, they have an in-house built failover system with high availability. As well as a backup 10 Gbit network, that connects the storage nodes to the compute nodes. According to them one of the most important advantages is that StorPool is working with InfiniBand for extremely low latency.

StorPool compared to other solutions

Marian Marinov, Chief System Architect at SiteGround comments: “The support of StorPool is the main differentiator here, because the level of support and quality of support that we received from StorPool are unprecedented. The benefits of using StorPools are undeniable, according to SiteGround’s team. “We were able to achieve the same, if not better performance compared to an enterprise solution for a fraction of the cost. And that really allows us to keep a competitive pricing for customers” – said Ivaylo Nikolov.

The bottom line 

In conclusion, using StorPool resulted in SiteGround “having an extremely fast distributed storage.” SiteGround now has redundancy on all services, which is of great importance for a hosting provider.

The company would gladly recommend StorPool to other companies: “I love the product, so I already did recommend StorPool to a lot of my friends and people, that ask me for software-defined storage”, said Marian Marinov.

About StorPool

StorPool is a Bulgarian company, founded in 2011. It disrupts the enterprise storage market. Companies which build public or private clouds now use outdated storage technologies to store their data. We believe storing data should be simpler, cheaper and more efficient. Our mission is to make this concept a reality by developing outstanding storage software and deploying it in companies which are the Cloud, around the World.

About SiteGround 

SiteGround is a web hosting company. It was founded in 2004 . Today it is one of the leading web hosting service providers. The company has more than 450 employees spread in 15 countries and serving more than 500,000 clients worldwide. The company doesn’t hesitate to implement revolutionary technologies in the fields of server security, uptime and speed and to continue to grow.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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