Storpool webinar

Unlocking new opportunities through adoption of software-defined storage – StorPool’s Webinar

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On May 2nd StorPool did a webinar on the topic “Unlocking new opportunities through the adoption of software-defined storage”, covering the matter of how technology can help you increase the value and efficiency of your business. Which, of course, is the essence of technology to begin with. It decreases customers’ churn, increases their satisfaction, and cuts the IT infrastructure costs. …


Webinar: Adoption of distributed storage: Unlocking new opportunities

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Join StorPool’s webinar on the topic “Unlocking new opportunities through the adoption of software-defined storage + Bonus discussion: What software-defined storage vendors are not telling you?” on 2nd May at 1 pm UTC. What we’ll talk about Meet us on 2nd May when we will chat about how new technologies can increase your business value. In this  constantly changing hosting industry world, in …

Kualo's Case Study

Shared Hosting with Software-defined Storage – Kualo and StorPool

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Software-defined storage for shared hosting is a revolutionary concept. It gives hosting providers three main advantages – high availability, super fast shared hosting and amazing performance. Our team visited the office of Kualo web hosting to meet Jo Stonehouse – the Managing Director of Kualo. Jo shared his experience with StorPool and most importantly how StorPool helped Kualo to build …

Latency vs. Capacity storage

Latency storage vs. Capacity storage – A Podcast by Intel and StorPool

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A couple of days ago, Boyan Krosnov, a Co-Founder and Chief of Product at StorPool joined an episode of Conversations in the Cloud. Conversations in the Cloud is a weekly podcast organized by Intel. About Conversations in the Cloud IT leaders driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure are sharing their knowledge and thoughts for the current market trends. The …

Storage Awards StorPool

StorPool Storage with 4 nominations at the 2017 Storage Awards

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StorPool Storage is nominated in 4 categories at the 14-th annual Storage Awards. The event will highlight those storage vendors which excel in a range of different categories. Part of the most interesting categories are Cloud Enabler of the Year; Emerging Market: Software Defined Storage (SDS) Vendor of the Year; “One to watch” Award – Company; Contribution to the Storage …


What is the value to use high-performance distributed storage

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Distributed Storage, i.e. SDS 2.0 (software defined storage) – is it a hype or a real alternative to the expensive traditional storage array? Тhe end user demand and expectation to the IT systems is constantly growing. We all demand higher performance and more and more resources. And one of the critical systems which work in the background to deliver this …


New study: 63% of organizations will adopt distributed storage (SDS) by 2018

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The rising popularity of Software-Defined Storage (SDS) and its advanced implementation known as “distributed storage” (DS) is making more companies to consider it as a real alternative of the traditional storage. We all are familiar with the expensive traditional SANs and the dedicated storage-only boxes and all-flash arrays. But is there a way in which by adopting innovation, you can …

eApps and StorPool storage

eApps Hosting and StorPool: Storage Challenge Resolved

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eApps Hosting – a premier provider of application hosting services since 1996, serving more than 5000 customers. Hosting over 15,000 domains in more than 125 countries…. and trusting StorPool storage for the high performance and reliability of its storage system. We met Richard Lingsch, CEO of eApps at World Hosting Days Global 2017. We took the opportunity to have a …