STORAGE CAPACITY EXPLAINED - raw, provisioned and usable storage

Storage Capacity Explained – What is Provisioned, Usable and Raw Storage

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You want to build a storage system, your data is 100TB and you suppose you need 100TB storage capacity. Are you sure you are right? How to define the size of your storage system? Especially if you need scalability and redundancy? Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool gave a brief talk on this topic “Provisioned, Usable and Raw Storage – Storage …

Latency vs. Capacity storage

Latency storage vs. Capacity storage – A Podcast by Intel and StorPool

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A couple of days ago, Boyan Krosnov, a Co-Founder and Chief of Product at StorPool joined an episode of Conversations in the Cloud. Conversations in the Cloud is a weekly podcast organized by Intel. About Conversations in the Cloud IT leaders driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure are sharing their knowledge and thoughts for the current market trends. The …