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StorPool is redefining data storage with revolutionary technology built to optimize your entire data center.

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We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses approach data storage. Our suite of products and services is designed to help you construct the fastest, most reliable, effortless, and scalable data storage system imaginable. With our cutting-edge storage platform as the cornerstone, supported by industry-leading support services delivered by our dedicated experts, we ensure that your data infrastructure operates flawlessly.  StorPool is not just about storage, we’re about transforming the core of your data center to support your team and growth of your business.

StorPool Storage

  • Ultra-Fast and effortless block data storage platform empowers your business with blazing performance and streamlined management
  • The agile platform allows for adaptability and scalability ensuring your business grows effortlessly with your business needs
  • Proven reliability and 99.999% availability knowing your data is always accessible
  • Achieve up to 3 times lower TCO vs traditional data storage solutions for maximum returns

StorPool Fully Managed Service

  • 24/7 enterprise grade, mission-critical support with live monitoring and proactive issue resolution ensuring your storage remains robust and reliable
  • System design – the StorPool experts work with your team to prepare custom high level architecture & hardware selection to ensure your storage solution aligns with your business requirements
  • Seamless installation services including hardware functional tests, stress-testing, and performance tuning to achieve maximum optimization for peak performance from day one
  • Managed non-disruptive scheduled software upgrades and fixes keeping your storage environment up-to-date without interrupting operations 
Fully managed
analytics and monitoring

StorPool Monitoring

  • The ultimate hosted monitoring platform for StorPool deployments
  • Gain real-time insight into the health of systems, services, and components
  • Automatic alerts for issues at the component, node, and cluster levels
  • Data export functionality to reporting tools and IT Operations dashboards to know that critical data is always at your fingertips

StorPool Analytics

  • Hosted analytics platform tailored for StorPool deployments
  • System performance tracking with up-to-the-second granularity for real-time precision
  • Hardware diagnostics to identify issues and performance bottlenecks swiftly and accurately
  • Predict future capacity and performance needs through detailed analysis of live production data
Advanced volume management

StorPool VolumeCare

  • Seamlessly create and manage snapshots per virtual disk or per virtual machine
  • Ensure data integrity with crash-consistent VM snapshots
  • Single and multi-cluster support with any-to-any replication between sites, streamlining data redundancy and disaster recovery efforts
  • VolumeCare is easy to configure and per-volume policies are managed with StorPool API calls, making it easy to integrate into existing systems and workflows, saving time and effort

“We are very pleased with the engagement with StorPool and their ability to meet our special needs. In addition to the unique data storage solution, they provide us with first-class support with which we are very happy”,

Dan Mȧartensson, Product Manager Infrastructure and Cloud-services at Dustin Group

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