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Video testimonial: eApps

Video testimonial: Imperia Online

Testimonial: Michael Kutzner, CEO, Virtion

Testimonial: Craig Luke, Director, Kualo

Testimonial: Jo Stonehouse, Managing Director

“StorPool sets the standard for reliability, blazing performance, and truly extraordinary support. While Proxmox is a really configurable, stable and well supported cloud management system we wanted to keep using the outstanding StorPool storage platform. StorPool offered us not only a deep integration between Proxmox and the storage system, but also a clear, easy and very well supported migration path to Proxmox from our previous solution. The combination of these two solutions LITERALLY helps our crew sleep better at night.” – Johan Kooijman, CEO at cloud.nl

“We always strive to keep our customers’ data safe and secure. In a sense, that is why we chose the StorPool solution, based on AMD processors, providing high performance combined with impressive fault tolerance and data availability rates.” – Max Semenyaka, Technical Operations Services Manager, Namecheap

“We always aim to pick the right partners to build our solutions on, and StorPool has demonstrated their excellence to date. StorPool is a rare combination of great technology and a willing and very able support team!” – ED BUTLER, CEO, Amito

“We are very happy to have chosen and to be working with StorPool – their solution has helped us improve stability, increase performance and reduce costs. Their whole team have proven to be completely professional and their support is outstanding.” – ROBERT JENKINS, CEO, CloudSigma (Global IaaS company)

“We are very impressed with the performance of the StorPool Distributed Storage system. Equally important is the competency and responsiveness of StorPool’s staff. The eApps/StorPool team really raised the bar on how to implement critical infrastructure.” – RICK LINGSCH, President, eApps (USA)

“StorPool is the solution to storage performance and scalability problems that we’ve been battling with for years. It has delivered the performance and reliability our clients require at a viable cost, virtually eliminated the time our engineering team spends dealing with storage related problems and it provides us with access to a fantastic team who excel at what they do and always go the extra mile to exceed our expectations.” – CRAIG LUKE, Operations Director, Kualo (United Kingdom)

“StorPool is a revolutionary concept in the storage market. Existing software SANs are not keeping up with the shift to all flash storage. Being able to have much of the functionality and performance of higher priced solutions such as SolidFire for white box pricing is phenomenal.” – MATT AYRES, CEO, Togglebox (USA)

“We are very happy with StorPool. The performance is impressive and the expansion is as simple as adding an additional node. Furthermore, all this is offered with a professional support team that also advises you during the entire selection process from hardware to private cloud software solutions.” – ÜMIT ÖZTOSUN, Co-Founder/ System Administrator, Dia Software Inc. (Turkey)

“We chose StorPool as part of our virtualization project. Our service, Inoreader has reached a tipping point where it’s no longer sustainable to add hardware servers to store the billions of articles our users save and read. With StorPool we can now utilize those servers far more efficiently and no longer worry about performance of our multi-terabyte databases.” – Yordan Yordanov, CEO, Inoreader

“For a couple of years now we’ve been using a Nimble CS500 SSD Accelerated Storage Area Network to provide highly available storage to our servers. This has worked well enough but did not really meet our expectations. After extensive research we decided to move over to StorPool.” – Michael Denney, CEO, MDDHosting LLC (USA)

“We were looking for the best storage solution, as a part of our hardware refresh cycle. We chose StorPool and deployed it company wide. It has proved to be exactly as advertised – amazingly fast and reliable which allowed us to provide a far better service to our 35 million users. ” – Mony Dochev, CEO, Imperia Online (Bulgaria)

“We’re very excited to have selected StorPool as the storage foundation for our cloud automation platform. From initial engagement to go-live the team at StorPool has been there every step of the way resulting in a very successful implementation.” – CHRIS WIEGMAN, CEO at GroupOne, IT for Everyone (USA)


“With flexibility and professionalism the team helped us to roll out StorPool in a very short time, even though we had special demands. The support is very fast – we didn’t have problems so far, but even uncritical questions are answered in very short times. I feel relieved that in urgent cases this will be even better.” – MICHAEL KUTZNER, CEO at virtion GmbH (Germany)

“We are very pleased to have StorPool as a storage solution for our cloud platform. Since deployment the performance has improved significantly and we have achieved major reduction in TCO. StorPool succeeded in meeting all our needs and even transcended our expectations. We really appreciate their outstanding support and the fact that they are always ready to answer all our questions. Thanks a lot for the great job!” – MARTINA KRASTEVA, Cloud & IT Product Manager, Neterra (Bulgaria)

“Thank you for providing such awesome service! We’re usually finding bugs left and right with vendors and it being a struggle to work through them. With you guys it’s been nothing but smooth sailing the entire time.” – Tony Baird, CEO, Hawk Host (Canada)

“We chose StorPool, because it is fast and reliable and StorPool’s support is offering great service. This allows us to offer the best possible cloud storage to our clients.” – Dragomir Zhelev, CEO, Delta.BG

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