Migration to OpenNebula and StorPool

Webinar: Migrating Your Cloud to OpenNebula + StorPool Storage

Storage is one of the most critical aspects of any cloud infrastructure. So do the cloud management system you will choose. OpenNebula and StorPool are inviting you to the upcoming webinar “Migrating Your Cloud to OpenNebula+ StorPool Storage”. Join this exclusive online event to learn more for the unparalleled symbiosis between a blazing fast storage system and easy to use and constantly evolving cloud management system.

Why StorPool with OpenNebula?

StorPool and OpenNebula bring power and simplicity to your public or private cloud. Cloud infrastructure with OpenNebula and StorPool provides a simple and user-friendly interface, behind which stay powerful features and exceptional reliability for your cloud and applications.

With StorPool, any OpenNebula cloud gets exceptional storage bandwidth, IOPS and low latency, enabling companies to provision many more VMs per host. Combining both products allows for seamless scalability in terms of capacity and performance, as well as increased reliability.

The solution is a drop-in replacement for traditional SANs, all-flash arrays (AFA), and other slower or less efficient storage software. Besides having significant technological advantages, running a cloud with StorPool and OpenNebula can also considerably lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase the Return on Investment (ROI).

Webinar: Migrating your Cloud to OpenNebula + StorPool

Join us in this webinar to get a quick overview of the benefits of combining your open source OpenNebula cloud with a StorPool storage solution.

When: May 26, 2020 05:00 PM CET / 11:00 AM Eastern Time
Where: Zoom

What to expect?

– Get some keen insight into OpenNebula’s main features, its open architecture, and the way in which OpenNebula interacts with underlying storage solutions.

– Learn more about StorPool’s SDS solution, its unique capabilities, and why global cloud leaders choose it. Explore its native integration with OpenNebula and the unique features and capabilities it provides to companies using both together.

– Hear directly from eApps Hosting about their experience after they decided to migrate its business-critical cloud infrastructure to OpenNebula on StorPool storage. Here’s a hint: it’s a story with a happy ending 😉

This webinar will be presented by Michael Abdou (Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula) and Tino Vázquez (Lead Cloud Engineer & Engineering Manager at OpenNebula), Venko Moyankov (Solutions Architect at StorPool) and Richard Lingsch (Managing Director of eApps Hosting).

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