StorPool Storage- exhibiting at CloudFest 2018

On March 10-16 2018 in Europa-Park, Germany will take place the annual  CloudFest ( – the biggest world-leading cloud and hosting conference.


StorPool at CloudFest 2018

CloudFest 2018

Again, this year, you will get the chance to meet StorPool’s team. Learn everything you need to know about the power of software-defined storage. The benefits it can bring to your business, and the astonishing impact a reliable storage system can have on it. We are also going to present you with some case studies, performance tests and useful information on the topic. And don’t worry about it, we haven’t forgotten about your gifts either. They will be waiting for you at booth RO5.

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In order to register, just click the button bellow and use the code to claim your free CloudFest Standard Pass. Covering all sessions, trade shows, catering and networking events!



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Arrange a meeting with StorPool 

We will be more than happy to meet you and discuss how StorPool can help you eliminate your storage pains. Just write us at [email protected] and we will save you a spot! 

See you at CloudFest on March 12th!

About CloudFest

CloudFest, the perfect evolution of WorldHostingDays, offers its attendees everything that needs to be known about the current situation in the cloud, hosting, and service provider industries. Powerful and informative talks, knowledgeable speakers, amazing networking events, and of course some memorable (or that not much) after parties. That and a lot more is what WorldHostingDays is famous for. And now it’s only getting bigger. If the the event started out as an European conference, today it includes more than 200 exhibitors from 84 countries. What is great about CloudFest is that it focuses not only on the biggest names in technology and venture capital, but it also gives a chance to the up-and-coming start ups in the business.

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