StorPool Presented at Storage Field Day 2019

Storage Field Day 18 – Hold on Silicon Valley, we are coming!

StorPool will be presenting for the first time at Storage Field Day on Wednesday, 2019Feb27th 2019

 Tech Field Day organizes specialized events on storage, networking, wireless, data, virtualization & Cloud. The TFD events, and the Storage Field Day specifically, bring together leading and well known storage and IT experts from all over the world, and gather them in front of tech companies and start-ups. The presenting companies have about 2 hours to talk and impress the delegates. Once a company gets their attention they spread the word on their blogs and social channels. Unique event, unique concept – this is what Tech Field Day is!

This February is the first Storage Field Day for the year and it looks like its going to be the strongest of all. Like the organizers said – “We should call it All-Stars Field Day”:

What we’ll be presenting? We like to call it “The Holy Grail”

We will first start with a company overview and update from our CEO and a co-founder Boyan Ivanov. Then we’ll go directly to the point with explaining why StorPool is the best among all storage products, or how we call it “The Holy Grail” and will show a technical demo. In other words we’ll explain this: with StorPool companies have no need to choose between data integrity, performance and scalability. Yes, they can have it all!

The tech part will be handled by Boyan Krosnov, CPO and co-founder of StorPool. One is clear here – when it comes to tech talks he always gets the attention … especially in front of a big group of storage experts.


The greatest of Tech Field Day is the list with the delegates. Delegates on #SFD18 are:

Where to Watch

Storage Field Day videos are live-streamed and will be embedded on the StorageFieldDay page itself. StorPool’s part will be also uploaded HERE  and on our social channels.

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