CloudStack User Day London

Storage-based snapshots for KVM VMs in CloudStack – Meet us at CloudStack European User Day

On October 24th StorPool storage will participate in the CloudStack European User Group Day in London. The event is organized by our friends from ShapeBlue and will bring together the Apache CloudStack community. This time the visitors will have the chance to enjoy an all-day event, full with exciting and useful sessions. StorPool’s team is happy to share that we will also contribute to the CloudStack community with a speaker at the event. Our CloudStack Developer, Slavka Peleva, will present the session “Storage based snapshots for KVM VMs in CloudStack.”

Storage-based Snapshots for KVM VMs in CloudStack

Currently, in CloudStack live snapshots of KVM VMs are supported only through libivirt/QCOW snapshots. However, other primary storage providers can implement (atomic) snapshots. At StorPool’s session, Slavka Peleva will present how StorPool integrated this functionality in CloudStack and what are its benefits and use cases.

Slavka will present a significant enhancement to the CloudStack/KVM VM snapshot functionality. Now, a whole VM snapshot is supported only with qcow2 internal snapshots. This has two major drawbacks – the VM is suspended during the process and only qcow backend is supported – so no advanced storage provider can be used.
StorPool has designed and implemented an alternative VM snapshot framework for CloudStack/KVM employing the underlying storage provider capability to create snapshots. This new approach delivers VM snapshots with minimal impact on the working VM and works with all storage providers. We have also implemented and extension to the default storage provider so it can operate in the new framework.

StorPool provides a primary CloudStack storage solution. We integrated our storage solution deeply with CloudStack and has a native driver in the host OS, which provides block devices in /dev/storpool/volname as raw disk images for qemu/KVM. The integration offers the functionality to manage volumes and snapshots directly in the storage system via its API. If you are curious to learn more about how to build a cloud with StorPool and CloudStack, meet us in London.

Slavka Peleva About our speaker: Slavka Peleva is a CloudStack developer at StorPool Storage. She has experience in software engineering and development of software solutions for telcos and companies like Nokia. Currently, she is involved in StorPool’s development and integration with CloudStack and will actively contribute to the CloudStack community.


CloudStack European User Group Day – Agenda

The autumn CloudStack event is one of the largest for the community. The organizers have prepared an exciting agenda with speakers and sessions.
The full agenda is as follows:
Wido den Hollander: Deploying CloudStack and Ceph with flexible VXLAN and BGP networking
Andrija Panic: Ceph with CloudStack
Slavka Peleva: Storage based snapshots for KVM VMs in CloudStack
Sven Vogel: Running OpenShift Clusters in a Cloudstack Environment
Andrija Panic: New features in CloudStack 4.13; what’s coming in the next LTS release
Graeme Wright: Our journey with CloudStack
Andre Walter & Sebastian Bretschneider: Cloud Management Portal – Admin View
Mike Perez: Ceph Community update and what’s new
Chris Ellis: Routed Fabrics for Ceph
SoftIron: Ceph on ARM

Past CloudStack User Group Events

On June 13th, StorPool had the honor and privilege to host and organize the European Cloud Infrastructure and CloudStack User Day together with its partner ShapeBlue. The event was a get together of the local IT infrastructure experts and CloudStack users. Main focus was presenting best practices and useful information on how to build an efficient public or private infrastructure. Besides, worlds leading experts and contributors to the open-source Apache CloudStack Project presented its latest functionalities and updates in the project. More for the past event you can discover here.
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