OpenNebula Conference 2017

OpenNebula Conference 2017 – StorPool’s talk and more….

On October 23-24 in Madrid is going to take place the annual OpenNebula Conference. You will get the chance to meet and hear a lecture by StorPool’s finest – Boyan Krosnov, Chief Product Officer.  The topic of the talk this year is “Disaster recovery solution with OpenNebula and StorPool“. Curious to learn more? Continue reading!

About OpenNebula?

StorPool-land-OpenNebula-systems-technology-partners OpenNebula is not only powerful, but also simple to use cloud management system. It is easy to deploy, manage and grow. Therefore, using StorPool for the storage layer and OpenNebula for the cloud management, any company, building a cloud can now build an efficient and high performance IT infrastructure. OpenNebula persistent and non-persistent images (virtual disks) are stored in a StorPool cluster. OpenNebula controls and monitors the StorPool cluster.

About the OpenNebula Conference

The OpenNebula Conference is an educational and social event. It brings together developers, cloud users, researchers, etc. under one roof. Thus, It gives them the chance to share the latest technological updates, developments and integrations. Furthermore, the event includes talks and tutorials, that anyone, working in the industry is going to find useful and intriguing. The OpenNebula conference is organized twice yearly and it’s the ultimate must-attend event.

About the speaker – Boyan Krosnov

Boyan Krosnov Boyan Krosnov is a Co-founder and Prduct Manager of StorPool. He is in charge of the solution architecture, helping cloud operators build and maintain all aspects of their public and private clouds.

On October 24th, at 11:45am the audience at the OpenNebula conference will get the chance to hear Boyan Krosnov’s talk on the topic “Disaster recovery solution with OpenNebula and StorPool“. He will talk more about a DR solution based on OpenNebula and developed by StorPool. And, additionally, stress on the simplicity and efficiency of adding further functionality, which can happen without modifying the upstream OpenNebula software. As a result, turning it into one of the most revolutionary solutions today.

Virtion at the OpenNebula Conference 2017

At the event you can also hear a talk by Michael Kutzner, CEO of Virtion. The topic will be “Providing cloud and managed hosting services at Virtion”. The talk will be focused on  customizable virtual storage solution, that not only can improve the agility of any business, but also lower the operating costs.

Virtion and StorPool storage

virtion GmbH, a well-known and trusted German managed services provider, chose StorPool in preference to CEPH and LizardFS. Virtion needed a solution which could enable them to provide cost efficient block storage in their virtualization layers. Their old setups lacked performance and flexibility.
Virtion was searching for a solution, which they can implement without any impact on their production environment.

More about virtion GmbH and StorPool you can check here.

How to register?

It’s not too late to register for the OpenNebula Conference 2017. Come join us and learn more about the latest innovations in the Information Technologies and Cloud Management.

OpenNebula Techday 2017

OpenNebula Techday 2017 hosted by StorPool


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