OpenNebulaConf 2017 EU

OpenNebulaConf 2017 EU: What’s new with the fully open source cloud management system

Last month in Madrid took place the annual OpenNebulaConf EU. The event once again put under one roof some of the most knowledgeable specialists from the IT world. The keynote speakers at the conference included BlackBerry, Trivago, Runtastic and the Ministry of the Flemish community, as well as a talk on the topic “Disaster recovery solution with OpenNebula and StorPool” by Boyan Krosnov, Chief Product Officer at StorPool.

The OpenNebulaConf 2017 EU in Madrid was amazing. A big turnout, excellent keynotes, brilliant talks… and a very positive atmosphere created by all the attendees delivered an excellent experience.

OpenNebula – What is new?

OpenNebula is an open-source platform, which is a powerful, yet simple and efficient cloud management system. The user base of OpenNebula is extremely wide, including some of the biggest companies in banking, technology, etc. A lot of news and improvements came up after the event in Madrid! And we collected them for you!

OpenNebula Systems added as a benefit for support subscriptions hotfix incremental releases. While OpenNebula is fully open source, packages from hotfix incremental versions are not publicly released, and are only available for users with an active commercial subscription. However, rest assured that the code is publicly available in the GitHub repository, as is the templates to create packages for the different supported platforms.
A new hotfix release for Medusa, 5.4.2, (you can learn more about hotfix releases in this link), has been released. Some new functionality is available in 5.4.2:

  • Show key instead of value for restricted attribute
  • Enable template save as for vCenter
  • Better error messages in get_dc function

Also, a numerous set of bugfixes were included in 5.4.2.

The team is finishing the roadmap for the next OpenNebula version, 5.6. Not a lot of time or space to fit more functionality, but the team is encouraging all users to share what they expect to see in OpenNebula!

You can track all the news about OpenNebula in their blog here.

Working with OpenNebula

OpenNebula is an extremely user friendly platform. Despite the easy and smooth work that OpenNebula offers, some of the newbies do face challenges understanding the concept behind the platform. But thanks to the community and their  tutorials on how to install OpenNebula in specific platforms, newcomers are well taken care of.

StorPool’s customers are also happy to use OpenNebula for managing their cloud platform. An example of this is Virtion GmbH.  According to Virtion, the biggest advantages of using StorPool are the high availability of the system, hardware failure handling and performance. The OpenNebula integration and the operation easiness were also crucial.

OpenNebulaConf EU 2017 and StorPool’s talk 

OpenNebulaConf EU 2017 OpenNebulaConf EU 2017 was an incredible success. The atmosphere was friendly and creative. We heard many talks, stories and experiences from some of the very best in the industry. One of whom – our own Boyan Krosnov.

Boyan Krosnov is a Co-founder and Product Manager of StorPool. He is in charge of the solution architecture, helping cloud operators build and maintain all aspects of their public and private clouds. In his speach”Disaster recovery solution with OpenNebula and StorPool” he talked about DR solution based on OpenNebula and developed by StorPool. Additionally stressed on the simplicity and efficiency of adding further functionality. Thus, turning it into one of the most revolutionary solutions today.

Disaster Recovery Solution with OpenNebula and StorPool

All the videos of the conference has been uploaded to their YouTube account, slides to SlideShare and picture to Flickr. Check the wrap-up post for more details.


OpenNebulaConf 2017 EU

Boyan Krosnov's talk Disaster recovery solution with OpenNebula and StorPool

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