StorPool and Intel Solution Brief

Intel and StorPool – Extremely Fast Distributed Storage for Cloud Service Providers

StorPool’s all-flash software-defined  storage solution, powered by Intel technologies achieved 468,000 IOPS, 3.5 GB/s and delivered up to 8.7 TB of usable storage at sub-millisecond latencies! All showcased in the latest Intel and StorPool solution brief!
Intel and StorPool Solution Brief
Intel technologies—including Intel Xeon processor E3 and E5 families, Intel Solid State Drive Data Center (Intel SSD DC) family of storage devices, Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter, and StorPool software, a Software DefinedStorage (SDS) system can deliver up to 8.7 TB of usable storage with 450,000+IOPS! And this is shown in testing described in the newest solution brief, published by Intel.
Intel and Storpool solution brief performance results
The cloud users nowadays expect higher and higher performance and have less tolerance for delay caused by latencies in access to data. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) face the critical decision trade-off between accelerating storage with an all-flash array at increased costs or to curb performance and keep costs low. The former can potentially reduce a CSP’s profit margins and the price competitiveness.
But, with StorPool’s Distributed Storage software on an Intel architecture-based platform, companies can deliver high-speed, low latency data access while containing costs.
In the newest solution brief by Intel you will see real performance results and impressive results.
The solution brief contains:
  • Architecture Overview
  • Performance Testing and Results
  • Practical recommendations
The benefits for cloud service providers
When a cloud company is looking to differentiate its services with high-performance low-latency storage while containing costs, the biggest competitive advantage it can leverage is its infrastructure layer. It is at the core of its business. StorPool’s Software Defined Storage solution can build extremely fast and cost-efficient cloud storage systems, which can set any cloud service provider apart from its competitors.


Read the Solution Brief:

Intel and StorPool - Extremely Fast Distributed Storage for Cloud Service Providers

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