Inoreader and StorPool

Inoreader Migrated From Bare-metal Servers to OpenNebula + StorPool

Founded in 2013, the company Innologica develops one of the fastest growing content reading platform Inoreader . The platform helps users save time and boost their productivity by delivering news straight to them right when they are published. Additionally, Innologica works on enterprise IT solutions for the Telecom sector – Business and operational support systems – CRM, Billing, Monitoring, Provisioning and Workforce Management.

Inoreader choosing StorPool Storage

Building and maintaining a cloud RSS reader requires resources. Lots of them! Behind the deceivingly simple user interface there is a complex backend with huge datastore that should be able to fetch millions of feeds in time, store billions of articles indefinitely and make any of them available in just milliseconds – either by searching or simply by scrolling through lists.

For their choice of storage solution, Innologica shares:

“This part is even more important than the choice of a hypervisor since it holds all our (and yours too!) data. If anything ever happens there we will be exposed. So we were very careful to select the perfect solution.”

When it comes to choosing the ideal storage solution, every company is and should be extremely protective of its own data, as well as the one of its clients. Precisely because of that, Inoreader decided to put its trust in StorPool. Compared with Ceph, StorPool proved to have numerous advantages in the case.

StorPool promises and delivers a higher performance than its competitor. Not only that, but it is done on a lower prices, which is always a plus. Having a trained Ceph expert in the office is very difficult, expensive and just not convenient for many companies. Implementing StorPool’s solution, easily saves the hassle of training one. Additionally, giving you more time and money resources for working on your business and making it grow.

In addition StorPool proved to be much more efficient than using EMC storage.

The outcome of the collaboration

Inoreader implemented the new storage in November 2017. In the new rack they have a total of 120TB of raw storage, 1.2TB of RAM and 336 CPU cores. 2x10G network interfaces connect each of the servers to the network. That is 3 times the capacity and 10 times the network performance of their old setup, using just half the physical servers. 

OpenNebula cluster

Today Inoreader has 50 virtual machines. They have split some of the physical servers into several smaller VMs with load balancers for better load distribution. Furthermore, they have allocated more than 46TB of storage.

OpenNebula cluster

The start of new servers is incredibly easy as well. It takes a few minutes to spin up a new VM instance regardless of the CPU and memory configuration. And if a server crashes, all VMs will automatically migrate to a different server. “OpenNebula makes it really easy to start new VMs, change their configurations, manage their lifecycle and even completely manage your networks and IP address pools. It just works!”

To read the entire case study, just click the link down below:

Success Story

How Inoreader Migrated From Bare-metal Servers to OpenNebula + StorPool

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