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А new era of 0% downtime just arrived with highly available shared hosting- Learn more at CloudFest 2018

On March 10-16 in Europa-Park, Germany will take place the annual CloudFest conference. Come meet us and hear a talk by StorPool’s CEO – Boyan Ivanov. The topic of the talk this year is “А new era of 0% downtime just arrived! Discover the key to high availability for shared hosting”.

About the speech 

Tired of the constant unexpected downtime?  Many companies complain of attacks, slow hosting, margins drop down, and other issues that are preventing from focusing on what truly matters – making your business thrive. That’s what StorPool is here for – help you make a step forward towards a world of incredibly fast shared hosting and 0% downtime. Learn how to reduce the headaches and increase the margins of your shared hosting by adopting highly available shared hosting.

The benefits of using a highly available shared hosting

The benefits you and your business are gaining through deploying highly available shared hosting are visible on both business and technical level. On one hand, it significantly betters the performance, service availability, and referrals.  You get to manage 6 times less servers. As well as, perform preventative maintenance on physical servers without maintenance windows or downtime. The architecture also provides a quantum leap in service quality at lower overall cost, allowing you to invest more in your hosting business growth and development!


On the other hand, by using highly available shared hosting, you get  no more bandwidth shortage in peak periods or vendor lock-in and commodity hardware usage. Instead, you receive high hardware utilization and high-availability of the infrastructure.

About the speaker 

Boyan_Ivanov Boyan Ivanov is a CEO and Co-founder of StorPool Storage. Prior to StorPool he has been in the enterprise and the SME world, working in the financial and IT sector for years. Today he has his hands full with helping companies, that are building public and private cloud, improve their data storage,  business performance, and profitability.

Hear Boyan’s speech on Wednesday, March 14th at 10:50am to learn more about the secrets behind the highly available shared hosting.


We would love to meet you and discuss how StorPool can help you eliminate your storage pains. Just write us at [email protected] and we will save you a spot! 

In order to register, just click the button bellow and use the code to claim your free CloudFest Standard Pass. Covering all sessions, trade shows, catering and networking events!


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