Webinar: Adoption of distributed storage: Unlocking new opportunities

Join StorPool’s webinar on the topic “Unlocking new opportunities through the adoption of software-defined storage + Bonus discussion: What software-defined storage vendors are not telling you?” on 2nd May at 1 pm UTC.

What we’ll talk about

Meet us on 2nd May when we will chat about how new technologies can increase your business value. In this  constantly changing hosting industry world, in order for companies to stay relevant and competitive, and to  increase the efficiency of their business, the adoption of new technologies is a must. Here is where the software-defined stack comes to rescue. We are going to take the time and make you familiar with all the benefits it is going to bring to your business.

The opportunities through software-defined storage

By implementing software-defined storage you can assure the decreasing customer churn and increasing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, SDS provides lower storage costs by reducing both capital expenditures, as well as the operational costs. By using SDS, you can save much of the headaches of your technical team and get a better return on human capital. Additionally, the increase of performance instantly leads to an increase in your customer’s satisfaction as well. Which is every business’ goal to begin with?

The speaker

Boyan_Ivanov The speaker is going to be Boyan Ivanov, Co-Founder, and CEO of StorPool. Boyan has been in the enterprise and SME worlds, working in IT, banking and financial sectors. He has also been part of several startups, prior StorPool. Currently, he is improving data storage for companies which build public or private clouds.

How to join the webinar?

The Webinar will be held on 2nd May at 1pm UTC on Google Hangouts on Air. In order to register, all you need to do is click the button down below and fill in the form:

Register for the Webinar

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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