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Software-defined solution for Kualo’s cloud storage

Kualo – a leading UK-based hosting provider chose StorPool to power the storage infrastructure for their hosting business. We interviewed Craig Luke, the Operations Director of Kualo to share his experience with StorPool.

Cloud storage pains

Craig shared that they have had a lot of storage pains with their cloud platform. They tried various products in 2009 and 2010. But all of them failed and cause issues in:

  • performance
  • reliability
  • stability

Kualo was not able to deliver the needed performance to provide their clients with the service they require. The result: Kualo was not willing to actively offer cloud solutions on the market. And that was a problem.

30 times faster cloud storage performance

“When we brought StorPool in, we found the performance was blistering. It was 20-30 times what we have ever seen as highest from the solutions we have tried. And that was just on the test environment. Live it was even higher!”, shared Craig Luke.

The cloud storage solution they have implemented allowed Kualo to focus on their core business – gathering more enterprise clients for the cloud service. Moreover, they do not have to worry about the stability of their infrastructure. It just operates in the background, performance is excellent and Kualo’s team is enabled to sell the services with confidence!

StorPool’s main advantages

According to Craig Luke there are three main advantages they enjoy most in StorPool’s public cloud storage solution:

  • reliability – with other solutions they needed to resolve issues in the middle of the night. On the other hand, StorPool solved this and they have no worries!
  • performance – hundreds of thousands of IOPS! Whenever their clients require, they can provide it. Low latency and no bottlenecks.
  • cost of ownership – most of the products Kualo tried required specific and expensive hardware appliance. Moreover, it required upfront payment. Contrariwise with StorPool, you pay as you grow and your costs are more logical and optimized. Which is excellent for Kualo!

StorPool is not only powering Kualo’s public cloud storage, but it is also implemented as their shared hosting storage. More for this you can see in the video case study with Jo Stonehouse – Kualo’s Managing Director.

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