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Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai Roundup

During the first week of November 2019, StorPool’s team had the opportunity to exhibit on the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai. The summit, which happened in China, was one of the largest conferences for opensource technologies and infrastructure in Asia. More than 300 sessions and workshops on Container Infrastructure, CI/CD, Telecom + NFV, Public Cloud, Private & Hybrid Cloud, Security happened during the 3-day event. We managed to meet members of open source communities like Airship, Ansible, Ceph, Docker, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, ONAP, OpenStack, Open vSwitch, OPNFV, StarlingX, Zuul, and more.

StorPool team at Open Infrastructure Summit

About Open Infrastructure Summit and OpenStack

Event highlights

By tradition, StorPool is supporting different types of events focused on open infrastructure, cloud computing, CloudStack, OpenStack, OpenNebula and more. We are always happy to be part of a wide range of community events and large exhibitions worldwide. During these events, we manage to meet our local customers and partners and to discover many new opportunities. The Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai was a chance for us to meet a large number of companies using OpenStack as a primary cloud management system for their public and private clouds. According to the official OpenStack survey report, OpenStack is used mostly by companies providing infrastructure services, software development, web services and e-commerce, database management, big data analytics, data mining and more. The largest number of companies deployed OpenStack is located in Asia (49%), followed by Europe (36%) and North America (26%).

A curious fact is that the majority of OpenStack deployments are younger than a year. This means that the community is growing every year, and more and more companies take advantage of OpenStack as a cloud management system. The most commonly used release is Mitaka (23% of all users), followed by the Queens (15% of all users).

StorPool’s Talks at Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai

StorPool’s team contributed with two sessions to the busy agenda of the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai. Our speaker on the two sessions was StorPool’s CPO Boyan Krosnov. Boyan Krosnov is a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of StorPool Storage. He is in charge of the solution architecture, helping cloud operators build and maintain all aspects of their public and private clouds. He has been part of the technical teams building 5 service providers from scratch in 4 countries. In most of these projects, he has designed the architecture, led the technical teams, and managed the implementation of projects in the millions.

  • Achieving the ultimate performance with KVM

Boyan Krosnov - Cloud Latency

Boyan Krosnov talked about what is the optimum architecture and configuration for performance and efficiency. In this session, he showed how to achieve the best performance with KVM in the areas of compute, networking, and storage. Boyan listed the best architecture configuration options in each area and discussed the various trade-offs of performance vs. functionality in each area. In the storage part of the talk, he showed how much lower storage latency helps application performance.

Download the presentation here

  • Latency – the #1 metric of your cloud

Boyan Krosnov - KVM

When building a cloud, companies usually focus on cost and throughput metrics (MB/s, IOPS). The result is often underwhelming. When an application is moved to the new cloud, it ends up costing more and being slower. In his talk, Boyan Krosnov showed how very low storage latency is the thing that directly drives high performance for all applications. We will then contrast the typical “throughput” benchmarking with “latency” benchmarking. Further, he demonstrated the impact of latency on user-visible application performance metrics, such as time to load a web page and database TPS (Transactions Per Second).

Download the presentation here

Featured Success Stories at the Open Infrastructure Summit

The Open Infrastructure Summit coincided with the launch of two new Customers’ Success Stories (Case Studies) by StorPool.

StorPool at OpenStack Summit

  • Biznet Gio Cloud chooses fast and reliable storage from StorPool

Biznet Gio Cloud has switched from Ceph to StorPool for an even better-shared storage offering performance and seamless scalability. They chose our fast and reliable SDS solution that provides outstanding 24/7 technical support and high product quality. “StorPool is the block storage solution to provide high performance, high scalability, and reliability.” sais Yusuf Hadiwinata Sutandar, VP Operation & Services of Biznet Gio.

  • Leading cloud provider Silver Lining Systems upgrades its services with StorPool Storage

SLS/Silver Lining Systems has achieved exceptional performance, excellent reliability and availability of its services with the help of the fastest storage solution on the market – StorPool! Switching from Ceph to StorPool gave SLS faster storage performance and significantly upgraded the quality of its services. The company chose StorPool’s storage solution based on many factors such as attaining better productivity and optimizing its infrastructure.

Read the Case Study here

StorPool – a Primary Storage for OpenStack Clouds

With the Queens release of OpenStack, StorPool launched its OpenStack integration upstream. StorPool services were integrated with OpenStack’s block storage (Cinder) and compute (Nova) components. A StorPool driver for OpenStack’s image service (Glance) has been developed. Cinder’s image caching and snapshots make full use of the benefits of StorPool’s instantaneous cloning of volumes and snapshots.

Interested to launch a cloud with OpenStack? StorPool is a primary OpenStack storage, which will ensure your high performance, high availability and reliability. Do not hesitate to write us at [email protected]

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