“Everything is Data-Driven” – VMblog Expert Video Q&A with Boyan Ivanov

Recently, StorPool Founder and CEO Boyan Ivanov was interviewed over on the VMblog. We’ll highlight a few points from it below, but it is very much worth a watch.

First, Boyan gives a quick overview of the company. Did you know that StorPool has customers in over 30 countries? That’s an international organization. This is not one of those “We’re international, we’re in the US AND Canada” situations.

The interview demonstrates how Boyan and StorPool think about the market. “Data storage is the backbone of civilization, “Everything is data-driven”, he says. “They don’t even crash cars anymore, it’s all done with simulations.” Because data is so critical, organizations need StorPool and our next-generation technologies to accelerate growth by storing data more productively.

Data Storage Challenges, Doing More with Less

Boyan clearly understands what the StorPool customers – and their customers – are dealing with in 2023. The last couple of years have been all about gaining customers and growth. In that environment, people didn’t think about data storage much beyond getting more of what they already had. So they bought more traditional storage arrays. Or they continued to pay into the big 3 cloud vendors despite the cost. But money is not so cheap now. Those same customers still have ever-growing needs in capacity and performance. But now efficiency matters more. Control matters more. Security matters more.

Boyan says the big public cloud vendors were a good choice when you couldn’t grow fast enough, and you were less concerned with costs. But a lot of organizations need to temper their growth plans and keep a tighter rein on costs, so they’ve started to change their approach. They’re bringing some data and applications back into their corporate control. You may have heard the “Re-patriation” buzzword.  They are building private clouds internally or building hybrid models with more focused Service Providers. They are reconsidering Open Source. They’re looking at new infrastructure stacks. Everything is on the table.

Doing Storage Right for Modern IT

Storage needs to be done right at the beginning, Boyan believes. Bad data storage decisions lead to poor application performance, impacting productivity across the entire organization. Purchasing the lower cost storage solution can cost more in the long run. High storage latency slows down the database at the back end of the order entry system, and customers see a spinning beachball instead of a completed order. Support reps leave customers waiting because the knowledge base is slow to respond. What looks to the customer like poor customer service is actually a poor decision around data storage. And fixing that data storage can take a long time and be extremely expensive.

StorPool has built solutions with many of the most popular platform stacks like CloudStack, OpenStack, VMware, and more. We can help customers and Service Providers choose the right infrastructure stack for them to build out their private cloud or their hybrid cloud or their “cloud-like” data center.

Boyan believes that StorPool is poised for big things this year and is looking forward to getting to know more customers and users and showing them what StorPool can do for them.

It’s not just VMblog that considers Boyan Ivanov of StorPool to be a thought leader. He’s also on the Forbes Technology Council where he’s written articles on Cost Savings for Cloud Infrastructure and on Negotiating Economic Turbulence.  Take a look!

We’ll be bringing more of Boyan’s thoughts to the blog in the future along with some of our other thought leaders from Software Development, Solutions, and Customer Support.

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