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“Data Driven Talk” podcast with guest Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool

On March 2nd Boyan Ivanov, CEO and Co-founder of StorPool Strage was invited as a  guest on the podcast “Data Driver Talk” with Enrico Signoretti.

About the podcast

Data driven talk “Data Driver Talk” is the place where you can hear users, industry experts, and other enterprise IT community members talk about all the new technologies and trends in the data and data storage world. Host is Enrico Signoretti,  Head of Product Strategy at OpenIO.

In the latest episode of the podcast you can hear Enrico and Boyan discussing what challenges do xSPs face when it comes to storage and what characteristics should a storage system for service providers have.

Difference from the traditional enterprise storage

Service providers are in a way similar to the enterprises. To a certain extend they are even more demanding than enterprises. Thus, if you can excel at service provider level, it is easier to do enterprise. This is because customers of service providers are many, many enterprises. So the complexity, performance requirements, reliability, etc. are all being multiplied.

On the other hand, small service provider are working in a very competitive market, so they are forced to work with small margins. Which automatically makes their job even more difficult, because they have to provide the reliability, expected from the enterprise. But this has to happen on a very affordable price point.

Data Driven Talk Podcast

Benefits for service providers

What is important for service providers in high level is reliability. Their solution should be rock solid, because this is basically their business. Another critical point is performance in term of latency. And lastly, of course, the price, which enables their business model to work. Scalability is definitely in great importance to service providers. Today the norm is scaling-out. Here you don’t have to wait a long time for data migration. But you have a system, which you can easily put more servers into. That system then will balance itself. It will increase the capacity in term of TB and IOS. The most important thing here is that all of this is being done online. Therefore, the customer workloads  are still going to be running on top of the system.

Additionally, something very important when choosing a storage solution is choosing one that provides online resizing of the volume. That was the data start “living” in the software layer and you “free yourself” from the hardware.

Storage for Service Providers

Data Driven Talk Podcast with guest Boyan Ivanov, CEO and Co-founder of StorPool Storage

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