StorPool distributed block storage enables Coreix to offer performance of 300 000+ IOPS to its customers

London-based cloud and managed services provider Coreix, deployed StorPool distributed block storage in preference to expensive SAN storage and increased Coreix performance to 300 000+ IOPS. Coreix IT team did an intensive research on the newest technologies. As a result they took a decision to make a transition to software-defined storage. This seemed to be the perfect alternative allowing Coreix to avoid a large capital outlay on SAN storage.

The storage challenge

We had issues of IOPS and resiliency, and the SANs were generally over-contested. A SAN can be extremely resilient, but to get the IOPS you need to spend £250,000.“, said Paul Davies, Technical Director of Coreix. “We didn’t want to spend on a chassis that could take 1PB from day one. SANs involve a lot of CAPEX. It’s cost-prohibitive for us. We needed a model where we could scale.

Many of Coreix’s customers rely on cutting-edge technologies and demand storage that is high performance and assures availability, and that offers the flexibility to easily and quickly scale out when needed.

Speed, reliability and scalability, as well as cost-efficiency, were the top criteria when it came to selecting a new storage solution.

The solution

Coreix deployed a hyper-converged architecture. It consists of 10 SuperMicro servers, 4 KVM virtual machine hypervisors combined with Storpool storage. The orchestration is the OnApp cloud platform. Total storage capacity can scale up to 2PB and up to 1 million IOPS. At the same time it has just 0.2ms latency.

Key benefits of using distributed block storage

Coreix team say there are two main benefits using the StorPool distributed block storage:

  • high-performance of the system;
  • increased uptime.

StorPool has helped us to provide a better service for our customers. As our demands grew, and as our customers’ expectations increased, our existing storage solution simply couldn’t cope. Now we’re confident that StorPool will grow with us, and that together we’ll be able to rise to any storage challenge we face.”, said Paul Davies , Coreix Technical Director

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About Coreix
Coreix Limited is a London-based managed hosting, colocation, cloud and network services provider. It offers secure, agile, scalable and robust hosting solutions to clients in sectors ranging from enterprise and financial services to healthcare and government. To support the differing requirements of its clients, Coreix offers tailored hardware and software solutions ranging from single dedicated servers to managed multi-server clusters, as well as public and private cloud services.

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