Storage for
Solution Providers

Differentiate your offering by providing your customers with great value.
StorPool Storage will help you to build an outstanding solution to
attract new customers and increase your profit.

Attract new customers and improve your market positiong by providing best-of-breed technology

StorPool Storage helps solution builders engineer attractive solutions, powered by a fast and scalable software-defined storage system. Are you searching for cutting-edge and innovative technology?

Provide your customers with best-of-breed technology, and offer a market-leading solution. We will support you in building a new product, which will enhance your sales, market share and profit. All by adding the right shared storage solution to your product offerings.

Empower your business with StorPool distributed storage

The IT world has changed – increased number of competitors, high demand for innovations and high expectations from customers. Solution providers need to offer cutting-edge products, bundled with exceptional service and support to attract new customers and keep the existing from leaving.
Create an unique offering with StorPool Storage to increase your profit and customer base. Start easily with our scalable and super-fast distributed storage solution.

Success Stories

Selected solution providers offering competitive infrastructure solutions with StorPool distributed storage

Searching for a reliable storage partners for creating outstanding new solution? Do not hesitate to contact us. Write us at [email protected]!

…oh and if you’re not yet offering a world-class managed storage solution to your customers, we’ll build one for you!