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Public Cloud Performance
Measurement Report:
Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean

Most cloud architects understand that raw storage performance is critical for their service quality. Better application performance results in happier users, lower TCO and improved ROI. Public cloud operators rely on performance as a competitive edge to attract and retain customers, which is even more important and harder to achieve in multi-tenant environments.

In this Public Cloud Performance Measurement Report, StorPool presents a testing methodology for evaluating the storage performance of any cloud, in the right way.

Public Cloud Performance Measurement Report
Included you will discover a comparison of the block storage offerings of four leading public clouds – Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. We will compare them against two StorPool-based clouds.

StorPool Presents at Cloud Field Day 9

Discover more about cloud performance measurement in the presentation of Boyan Krosnov, CPO of StorPool Storage, on Cloud Field Day 2020.
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