Zeros Detection
Stop wasting space and utilize better your infrastructure

When a traditional storage system writes data, it writes everything, even empty blocks of data that contain only zeroes. For the business and infrastructure, this is a big waste of space and lowers server utilization.
By using StorPool’s unique zeroes detection feature, you do not have to worry about empty blocks being needlessly written to your StorPool cluster. You can save valuable space for storing more data, which means more space for customers, lower costs and increased margins.

One of the especially powerful uses of zeroes detection can be observed when importing data images from other systems to StorPool. A conventional storage system will store the whole image and will take up the full amount of space. With StorPool, blocks that do not contain data will be detected and will not use any space, making the whole image “smaller” in StorPool.

All of StorPool’s data reduction features complement each other.
Having only one of them will be good, but their combination gives a significant boost in efficiency, logical space gains and will therefore increase the ROI of your whole IT stack.

In our practice we have measured gains (i.e. data reduction) from the use of our space saving features from 2 up to 6 times! This directly translates to lower actual cost of your storage system and related utility and maintenance expense. This level of data reduction cannot be delivered by any other highly-available solution for the use case of creating a private or public cloud, where the typical usage is running hundreds to tens of thousands of Virtual Machines (VMs).

Business Benefits

  • Cost saving
  • Increased space efficiency
  • Less hardware

Technical Benefits

  • Less waste of space
  • Better used space reporting
  • Eases maintenance and re-balancing