Extrend the available space and cut costs

In conventional storage systems, the data stored by the system is more than the amount which the user actually uses. The reason for this is that when a user deletes a file, the data is not erased from the storage system. It is just flagged as not in use and at some later point is overwritten with new data – only then the space is reclaimed/reused. The wasted amount of data in the system can accumulate over time, especially when the systems serves thousands of users which delete data every day.
In such cases, the TRIM functionality reduces the data footprint. This is a highly unheeded feature, yet a fundamental one, which results in considerable data reduction. With Data Trimming, any data deleted by the user is also deleted in the StorPool storage system and it will free up space, unlike other systems which keep unnecessary data.

TRIM, in combination with StorPool’s thin provisioning and Snapshots and Clones feature will extend the available space, hence will enable the use of the StorPool cluster by more users. This virtually means no waste of space.

Business Benefits

  • Cost saving
  • Increased space efficiency
  • Less hardware

Technical Benefits

  • Less waste of space
  • Better used space reporting
  • Eases maintenance and re-balancing